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Meet the Seven Kingfishers Endemic to the Philippines

Kingfishers are medium-sized birds with large heads, long pointed bills, short legs and stubby tails. There are 93 species worldwide and 18 species occur in the Philippines. Furthermore, seven species of kingfisher are endemic to some of its islands. If you are planning on a birding trip to the Philippines, then the country’s seven endemic […]

20 Animals That are Often Confused for One Another

It is amazing that nature has created such different animals to look the same. And often, we confused these animals for one another. Here are our favorite pairs of confusing animals and how to tell the difference. 1. Butterflies and Moths Butterflies and moths belong to the order Lepidoptera and both shared things in common, […]

10 Most Funny Looking Dog Breeds

Dogs come in sizes and looks… but these 10 dog breeds are simply funny-looking ones. Check them out! 1. Puli Look at those dreadlocks. Am I seeing a Jamaican moving mop? Or this dog simply imitating Bob Marley”s signature dreadlocks? One thing is sure, this funny looking dog breed hails from Hungary. The Puli is […]

10 Intriguing Black Birds

If I ask you to name three black birds, then without thinking you”ll give these names; crow, raven and hawk. You”re absolutely right. But what if I asked for a list of 10 intriguing black birds. So sure you will scratch your head. Am I right? To help you out, here is my list of […]

5 Key Tips For Finding A Lost Dog

Every dog owner will tell you that their dog is not simply a pet. Their dog is a family member. This is why it can be a truly traumatic time if a family loses their dog. Regardless of how the dog got away, the actions you take immediately following can determine if you get your […]

10 Strikingly Odd Backyard Chickens

Chickens are just great to have in a farm or backyard. Some chicken breeds are picked for their tender meat, while others are chosen for their great egg-laying traits. A number of breeds are excellent in both of those fields. But how about selecting chickens that are weird-looking! So, if you go for the weird-looking […]

10 Striking Purple-colored Birds

Below is a list of purple-colored birds, where the color purple/violet is the more prominent color of its plumage. It is interesting to note that most of the purple/violet colored birds seen are male species of that bird type, whereas the females of the same species may be of any other color. Violet-Backed Starling The […]

10 Captivating Orange-colored Birds

Below is a list of orange-colored birds, where the color orange is the more prominent colour of its plumage. It is interesting to note that most of the orange coloured birds seen are male species of that bird type, whereas the females of the same species may be of any other colour. Flame-colored Tanager photo […]

10 Must-see Birds of the Philippines

With 7,107 islands and 600+ bird species to choose from, the Philippines is one of the best birding destinations in the world! It is home to some of the world’s most exotic birds. Several species of hornbills, colorful fruit doves, rare parrots, fascinating woodpeckers, remarkable eagles and many other unique birds await you. Come and […]

10 Dazzling Pink-colored Birds

Oh my! These birds are simply dazzling in their pink-colored plumage. Check them out and learn more facts about these beauties. American Flamingo The American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) is a tall, unique wading bird found in Central and South America and the Caribbean. The species prefers mud flats, shallow salty lagoons and lakes. The American […]