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10 Animals with Extra-ordinary Senses

A list of 10 animals that have a sixth sense. We all know that human has five normal senses, namely; sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. In some documented cases, a number of individuals possess a sixth sense – or what experts define as ESP. However, if we will talk about animals, then the list […]

Believe It or Not: 30 Fascinating Facts About Animals

A short but interesting and amazing facts about animals. The animal kingdom is full of strange, interesting and amazing facts. Read on to learn 30 fascinating things animals can do, traits they alone own and amazing facts good to be included in the Animals Guinness book of records. photo link * Its not true that […]

Believe It or Not: 10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Humans

10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals. Animals are charming creatures and continue to daze and amaze our understanding with their fascinating abilities. Below is a list of 10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals, that will surely puzzle any person that takes a look. photo link Did you know that humans can hold their […]

Dogs Versus Cats: Take Your Pick

Why cats are better than dogs/why dogs are better than cats. Being an owner of dogs and cats for a number of years, I did make a study about which of the two animals is better to have as pet. And I’ve come to these observations and listed the pro’s and con’s of both animal. […]

The Darlington’s Peacock Jumping Spider Dazzling Mating Dance

Don’t be deceived by its stature – small as it is, male Darlington’s Peacock Jumping Spider has a unique way of attracting females during mating time. The flamboyant male spider performs a very fancy and colorful mating dance! Read on to discover more about the species. photo link Australia is home to many species of […]

Here Comes the Big Cat!

A list of popular big cats. Cat species in the genus Panthera that include: tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar are commonly called as big cat. Also in this species are cougar, snow leopard, clouded leopard and cheetah. One main trait these cats have that other smaller cats don’t possess is their ability to roar. Though […]

The Greatest and Most Prolific Animal Jumpers

His Airness, Michael Jordan, can leap high in the air to perform those acrobatic shots and most prolific and amazing dunks. Now it’s time to find out who are the other greatest jumpers in the animal world. Check this out! 1.) Flea photo link Fleas, which are bloodsucking animals, are the greatest jumpers in the […]

10 Extremes Animals Whose Names Begin with The Letter O

From a tiny tick-eating African bird, to a weird forest giraffe and to an endangered big-eared bat, the animal kingdom presents us with 10 extreme animals whose names begin with the letter O. Oxpecker photo link The oxpeckers, also known as tickbirds, are two species of bird of the genus Buphagus. Widespread to sub-Saharan Africa, […]

12 Cute Pictures of Animals Kissing

Kiss… Who started it first, humans or animals? Below are 12 cute pictures of kissing animals that may give you clues needed in finding the answer. Read and enjoy. She: Honey, the weather is just perfect for some intimate moments… He: Im too tired and not on the mood right now. Could we do it […]

Intriguing Animals Whose Names Start with The Letter I

From a one-horned rhinoceros, to a rare Japanese cat, down to the biggest living lemur… meet these intriguing animals whose names start with the letter “I”. Indri photo link The Indri (Indri indri), along with the Diademed Sifara are the world’s largest living lemurs. Also called the Babakoto, this diurnal tree-dweller inhabits the lowland and […]