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10 Stunning Red-colored Birds

Of all colors, red is one of the most vibrant and easily seen shades, and nature presents us with many beautiful red birds. Here is a list of 10 of the world”s reddest and most colorful birds. Scarlet Ibis The Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber) is one of the most brilliantly colored wading birds in the […]

10 Eye-Catching Yellow Colored Birds

These yellow colored birds are sights to behold. Check out where they are found to see with your very own eyes their splendor colors. American Goldfinch photo link The American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) is a small North American finch measuring around 11–14 cm (4.3–5.5 in) in length, with a wingspan of 19–22 cm (7.5–8.7 in). […]

10 Fascinating Blue Colored Birds

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who”s the fairest of them all? The color blue is found in many different species of birds – big or small. Here are 10 fascinating blue colored birds that can be a good addition to your private aviary. Blue Bunting photo link Blue Buntings (Cyanocompsa parellina) are small, stocky brightly […]

Fort Myers Wildlife and Where to See It!

Folks visit North Captiva Island for the beach, for the blue sky and for the Florida memories. The island, just off the coast near Fort Myers, is reachable only by boat and it’s the year-round home of just about 50 people. But to think that they’re the only residents you’d have to leave out quite […]

10 Stunning and Gorgeous Red Animals

Just a collection of 10 animals that are simply stunning and gorgeous in their red appearance. Crimson Finch The Common Crimson Finch (Neochmia phaeton) is a small passerine bird found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. The species is found along rivers, swamps, moist savannahs, and grassy plains. This stunning red bird nest on […]

Fascinating Birds: The Attractive and Colorful Turacos of Africa

The only birds that own true red and green color and mobile outer toes, capable of rotating forward or backward! Meet the attractive and colorful Turacos of Africa. Meet another set of fascinating birds – the attractive and colorful turacos of Africa. They are the only birds that own true red and green color! Aside […]

Fascinating Birds: Seven Brilliantly Colored River Kingfishers

The most ancient of the three kingfisher lineages, River Kingfishers are vibrantly plumaged birds with crested heads, long stout bills, short legs and stubby tails. Read on and learn more about these fascinating birds. River Kingfishers is any of various birds of the family Alcedinidae that are widespread through Africa, south and east Asia, as […]

10 Fascinating Birds That Start with The Letter Y

They may not be as beautiful or as popular compared to their more illustrious cousins, but certainly these birds whose names start with the letter Y are simply colorful and fascinating creatures. Yellow-billed Kingfisher The Yellow-billed Kingfisher (Syma torotoro) is a medium-sized kingfisher widespread in New Guinea and in northern Australia. This fascinating bird prefers […]

Five Unique Birds’ Living Fossils

The term “living fossil” is used to denote any living species of organism, which through fossils were identified to be the same as a species before extant representatives were discovered; and has no close living relatives. In short words, living fossil is a unique species that apparently hasn’t undergone changes during its very long existence. […]

10 Fascinating Birds That Start with The Letter W

They may not be as colorful as the turacos, lovable as the talking-parrots or as agile as the fierce raptors — but these birds are indeed fascinating! Read on and learn more about them. This is the penultimate post to a 25-part of the highly-commendable and widely read the ‘Alphabet Animal’ series. Presenting – the […]