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Six Interesting Animals That Start with The Letter X

Can you give me five animals whose names start with the letter X? Your guess is as good as mine. But I can give you two — a popular aquarium fish and a weird breed of dog. Surprisingly, there are at least 25 animals that starts with X. Here are some of them. X-Ray Tetra […]

Fascinating Birds: Seven Brilliantly Colored River Kingfishers

The most ancient of the three kingfisher lineages, River Kingfishers are vibrantly plumaged birds with crested heads, long stout bills, short legs and stubby tails. Read on and learn more about these fascinating birds. River Kingfishers is any of various birds of the family Alcedinidae that are widespread through Africa, south and east Asia, as […]

10 Fascinating Birds That Start with The Letter W

They may not be as colorful as the turacos, lovable as the talking-parrots or as agile as the fierce raptors — but these birds are indeed fascinating! Read on and learn more about them. This is the penultimate post to a 25-part of the highly-commendable and widely read the ‘Alphabet Animal’ series. Presenting – the […]

The Lovable Parrots: Surprising and Exceptional Facts

Parrots are probably the most popular bird pets that usually bring joy and cheer to its owner. But how much do you know about this beautiful and colorful bird. Read on to find out. Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Their colorful plumage, cute antics and their ability to mimic human speech endear […]

10 Most Extremely Colorful Small Birds for Pet

Here’s a list of small species of birds with the most brilliant and brightest coloration. All body parts of the birds on the list are extremely colorful. The bill, the feet, the head, the wings, the belly and all other parts are indeed brightly-colored. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher photo link The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) […]

The World’s Most Colorful Winged Creatures

Here’s a list of the most beautiful and most colorful winged creatures. Flying creatures are the most amazing animals in the world. They are the reasons why we wanted to fly. Unfortunately, not all creatures have the capability and opportunity to fly. Most Colorful Leafhopper photo link We often view insects as pests, but some […]