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The Carnivores: The World’s Most Fearless and Ferocious Animals

Carnivores are considered the most fearless and ferocious creatures that humans have ever known. They have the built, power and stamina to lord it over hapless prey. These killing machines are gifted with special sensors, including an acute sense of smell, greater eye vision and ferocious teeth that comes in very handy for the kill. […]

10 Remarkable and Fascinating Butterfly Facts

From the rarest butterfly to the biggest but endangered species — here is a list of 10 remarkable and fascinating butterfly facts. The Largest Butterfly The female Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae) is the world’s largest butterfly. This huge, poisonous butterfly has a wingspan reaching up to 30 cm (12 in.) The species is native […]

Seven of The World’s Most Intriguing Animals

From a rabbit that looks like a fur ball with a face; to a small primate that can rotate its head 180 degrees; down to a fish that uses its fin to walk on ocean floors — these creatures are truly intriguing animals! Read on to learn more about them. Proboscis Monkey The Proboscis Monkey […]

Ten Astonishing Facts About Ocean Animals, You Probably Don’t Know

Do you want to know what ocean animal has blue-colored blood or a sea creature that has no heart, lungs, and brain and yet it lives. To find the answers, just sit down, relax and enjoy reading the rest of the article. Blue, blue our Earth is blue.. Yes, since 75% of the Earth’s surface […]

Let’s Play an Exciting Combo Animal Names Quiz

Can you name the animals whose names are made of two combined animal names? Let’s freshen our knowledge about animals. Below are specific descriptions and clues for each animal whose name is a combination of two animal names. Let’s play and hope you get them all right. 1. Identification: A popular arachnid plus an intelligent […]

Animals with Astonishing Powers – Part Two

10 more animals gifted with astonishing powers. Here are 10 more animals with exceptional powers! From the fastest land animals, to the fastest flying bird down to a weird-looking mammal using electroreception to hunt prey, they are truly marvels of Nature. Read to know more about them. Cheetah- Superb Speed on Land With lightning-like speed, […]

Animals with Astonishing Powers – Part One

Meet Nature’s Super Animals: From the Pufferfish pack with deadly poison, to the Leafcutter ants with amazing strength, to the hummingbirds that flaps its wings with lightning speed; the natural world is full of animals with astonishing skills and amazing powers. Tarsier- Precise Night Vision Possessing enormous eyes that are larger than its brain case […]

Teacup Pig–cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

Don’t ever mistook them for piglets – and even if they “grew up”, they will still remain “small” pigs. Meet the Teacup Pigs!… the cute miniature pigs that never grow up. The Teacup Pig, also known as the Pennywell Miniature Pig, is a small breed of pig that was developed at Pennywell Farm in Devon, […]

10 Animals with Extra-ordinary Senses

A list of 10 animals that have a sixth sense. We all know that human has five normal senses, namely; sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. In some documented cases, a number of individuals possess a sixth sense – or what experts define as ESP. However, if we will talk about animals, then the list […]

The Watchful Meerkats – Now You See, Now You Don’t

Interesting facts about Meerkat! Meerkats are such fascinating and a joy-to-watch animals. Here is a list of some interesting facts about the desert “comedians”. photo link Meerkats (Suricata suricatta), also known as suricates, are small, diurnal, burrowing mammals widespread on the plains of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. On average, they weigh about 731 […]