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Big Birds Part 3

A list of the largest birds in their respective order. There are more than 10,000 species of birds found all over the globe. They range in sizes, colors, and habitat. But do you know what is the largest in each bird ‘s order? This concise article answers your question. Parrots (Psittaciformes) photo link The endangered […]

Animal Kingdom: Masters of The Night

These animals may appear to be harmless during the day, but watch out… when darkness falls, they are extremely active and are known to be excellent hunters! The animal kingdom has true “Master of the Night” creatures. These nocturnal animals gifted with a keen sense of smell, remarkable hearing ability and outstanding night vision have […]

Dinosaurs That Left a Lasting Impact as They Walked the Earth

From the smallest microraptor that was about 16 inches (40 cm long), to the biggest 35-40 m long sauropods; dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the Earth millions of years ago. More than hundreds of species known, they were the former masters of this planet. But how many of these “terrible lizards” can you identify by […]

12 Interesting Things About Dogs and Cats

You think you have enough knowledge about dogs and cats, then this post will prove you wrong. Most of us love dogs and cats and to show our affection, we are taking them as companion or pets. But did you know that these animals possess remarkable traits and behavior that we ought to know. You […]

There’s Something About These Dogs!

A list of dog breeds that possess strange behaviors, appearances and habitats. Dogs are such beautiful and unique animals, no wonder, they are seen in most houses as guardian dogs, hunting companions or just simply pets. But did you know that there are some dog breeds that are rare, strange or possess something unique. Here […]

10 Sturdy and Hardy Russian Dog Breeds

Looking for muscular and tough dog breed? These Russian dogs have the qualities you are looking for and have what it take to be a good companion pet or an ever-alert guard dog! Read on to learn more about the 10 sturdy and hardy Russian dog breeds. Check out each breed profile. Aside from being […]

10 Extraordinary Looking Madagascan Creatures

The African island of Madagascar is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Here are 10 extraordinary looking creatures that inhabit the island. Madagascar is home to hundreds of fascinating, colorful, bizarre, endangered , rare and extraordinary looking animal life. Read on to learn new facts about 10 extraordinary looking Madagascan creatures. Aye-aye photo link […]

Extremely Bizarre and Weird Lizards

Some reptile species are simply colorful and beautiful and some are extremely unique and bizarre. You have already seen some of the most unusual-looking reptiles in the article “Weirdest and Bizarre Reptiles in the World”. It’s time to see extremely weird and bizarre lizard species. Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko The Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) is […]

The World’s Most Brilliantly Colored Lizards

“Yak! Those creatures are freaking slimy,” I don”t blame you if you too share a similar observation. But guess what, after running through some interesting facts about them — you will surely love these guys. There are about 3,800 different species of lizards worldwide. They inhabit all continents except Antarctica. Green colored and dull colored […]

The Tiny But Mighty Finger Monkey

Interesting facts about finger monkey and some cute photos of them One for the Guinness Book of Records, a monkey the size of a human finger! Yes, you read it right. The name of this primate – Finger Monkey. There are also two alternative names of this kind – “a pocket monkey” and “a tiny […]