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Animals with Astonishing Powers – Part One

Meet Nature’s Super Animals: From the Pufferfish pack with deadly poison, to the Leafcutter ants with amazing strength, to the hummingbirds that flaps its wings with lightning speed; the natural world is full of animals with astonishing skills and amazing powers. Tarsier- Precise Night Vision Possessing enormous eyes that are larger than its brain case […]

15 Surprising Animal Facts, You Probably Don’t Know

Here is a list of some amazing animal facts that I figured you too would love – after all, we all love animals! Hamster photo link Even their poor eyesight and being colorblind can’t stop hamsters in performing one remarkable feat — these stout-bodied, short-tailed cute rodents can blink one eye at a time! Spitting […]

Seven Amazing Color-changing and Shape-shifting Animals

They are the Masters of Disguises — animals that have impressive abilities to alter their appearance to blend with the colors, materials and textures of virtually any surroundings. To some it is their way to elude predators and to others simple camouflage to lure prey. Read on to learn more about the seven amazing color-changing […]