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Five Unique Birds’ Living Fossils

The term “living fossil” is used to denote any living species of organism, which through fossils were identified to be the same as a species before extant representatives were discovered; and has no close living relatives. In short words, living fossil is a unique species that apparently hasn’t undergone changes during its very long existence. […]

Ten Amazing Animals Whose Names Begin with The Letter “H”

If you’re asked to name 10 animals whose names start with the letter H, most probably you’ll have: horse, hare, hounds, husky, housefly, hummingbird on top of your list. But how about adding Hoiho and Hoopoe on your list. Have you seen these animals? probably not! Read on to know more about these animals and […]

The World’s Amazing Birds 2

This is the second list of amazing birds. There are thousands of facts that we don’t know about amazing birds. One article is not enough to satisfy our curiosity for knowledge. The first “The Amazing Birds” article drew hundreds of positive feedbacks and some readers asked and requested if there could be a follow up […]