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The Big Birds Part 2

A list of the largest birds in their respective order. There are more than 10,000 species of birds found all over the globe. They range in sizes, colors, and habitat. But do you know what is the largest in each bird ‘s order? This concise article answers your question. Gamebirds (Galliformes) The Wild Turkey (Meleagris […]

Amazing Birds 4: The Raptors

They may come in different sizes but watch out these birds are skillful hunters. Birds of prey or Raptors are birds that primarily rely on their broad wings, strong beaks and talons, keen senses and good vision to hunt for prey. They may come in different sizes from the smallest (Elf owl) to the largest […]

Amazing Birds 3

Part three of a very interesting article about amazing birds. More and more people are enjoying my series of articles about amazing birds. Indeed, birds are magnificent creations of Mother Nature. These beautiful creatures truly add beauty and inspirations to our lives. These birds inspire poetry and art as well as giving us some form […]

The World’s Amazing Birds 2

This is the second list of amazing birds. There are thousands of facts that we don’t know about amazing birds. One article is not enough to satisfy our curiosity for knowledge. The first “The Amazing Birds” article drew hundreds of positive feedbacks and some readers asked and requested if there could be a follow up […]