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10 Best Animal Moms

If there are good dads, then here are the best animal mums. Elephant Ask every mother what is the hardest part of motherhood and all will be in unison in saying “giving birth is the hardest”. How much more if you are to deliver a 90 kilogram baby. It”s got to be a hard experience, […]

15 Surprising Animal Facts, You Probably Don’t Know

Here is a list of some amazing animal facts that I figured you too would love – after all, we all love animals! Hamster photo link Even their poor eyesight and being colorblind can’t stop hamsters in performing one remarkable feat — these stout-bodied, short-tailed cute rodents can blink one eye at a time! Spitting […]

10 Amazing Mammals Considered as Living Fossils

From a rabbit-like deer to a giraffe-like mammal, this is a list of 10 amazing mammals, scientists considered as ‘living fossils. “Living fossils” are plants or animals that were once known to have been extinct for millions of years. But then, survived the test of time and are now found to be alive. Read on […]