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Nature Watch – Five Animals on The Way to Extinction!

If no concrete conservation plans are implemented and the global community disregard the warning of time, then it is safe to say that these animals are on the way out, 100 years from now! Sumatran Orangutan photo link The Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) is endemic to Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. This tree-dwelling primate grows to about […]

18 Weird and Most Rarest Reptiles in The World – Part 2

Learn and enjoy more interesting facts about the 18 Weird and Most Rarest Reptiles in The World Oldest Snake The greatest reliable age recorded for a snake in captivity is 40 years 3 months 14 days for a male Common boa (Boa constrictor) named Popeye, who died at Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, USA, on 15 April […]

10 Extraordinary Looking Madagascan Creatures

The African island of Madagascar is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Here are 10 extraordinary looking creatures that inhabit the island. Madagascar is home to hundreds of fascinating, colorful, bizarre, endangered , rare and extraordinary looking animal life. Read on to learn new facts about 10 extraordinary looking Madagascan creatures. Aye-aye photo link […]

12 Exotic Birds Endemic to The Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the world’s most exotic birds. With more than 600 bird species to choose from including several species of hornbills, colorful fruit doves, rare parrots and fascinating eagles and owls — it”s really fun to explore and learn more about these beautiful and unique birds. Here is a list […]

Critically Endangered Animal Species of Asia & Australia

Here are the most endangered species of animals in the continents of Australia and Asia. Caracal photo link The Caracal (Caracal caracal) is a medium-sized desert cat related to the lynx. It was once found over large areas of the Middle East and India, but has become increasingly scarce. This cat is one of the […]

The Cute Otter: They Dedicate All Their Spare Time to Play

Otters are exuberant animals with boundless energy and they dedicate all their spare time to play. In their case, play is not only a practice activity aimed at teaching the young the hunting and fighting skills they will need when older; it is also an end in itself. photo link The Playful Hunter Otters, adapted […]

The Carnivores: The Most Exciting and Graceful Animals on The Face of The Earth – Part 2

Carnivores have become well established in all the continents except Australia, which became separated from the other continents before the first true carnivores evolved. In relatively recent times, many species introduced to Australia by man have escaped into the wild, and have formed thriving populations. These include the dingo, or Australian wild god, a descendant […]

Durable Reptiles: Five Living Fossils

These reptiles were believed to be extinct for millions of years, but they have managed to survive! Today, they are still living with us. “Living fossils” are plants or animals that were once known to have been extinct for millions of years. But, then survived the test of time and are now found to be […]

The Iconic Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle

Interesting facts about the Philippine Monkey-eating eagle. One of the native animals in the Philippines, the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), is a fine forest eagle that is also called The Philippine Eagle or “Haring Ibon,”. This eagle known for its extremely deep and compressed bill is one of the largest, strongest and rarest eagle […]

Philippine Spotted Deer: The World’s Rarest Deer!

The Philippines’ biodiversity is truly amazing that it is haven to some of the world’s smallest faunas and floras as well as home to what many believe as the world’s rarest deer. Read on to learn more about this fascinating animal — the Philippine spotted deer. photo link The Philippine Spotted Deer (Rusa Alfredi) is […]