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17 Adorable Penguin Species

Do you know that there are 17 extant species of penguin. Each species unique from the others. But they share a common thing — All of the species live in the Southern hemisphere. Majority of these adorable penguin species are found in Antarctica. While a few species are found on the coasts of Africa, Australia, […]

The World’s Endangered Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are the only living remnants of the dinosaur age. Today, these gentle creatures are yet facing another test for survival, but the question is … can they make it this time or might follow dinosaurs into extinction. Kemp’s Ridley photo link Kemp’s Ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) is the smallest and rarest species of sea […]

Narwhal – Unicorn of The Sea

Narwhal – Is it a mythical creature or just a strange animal? Read on to unlock the “Unicorn of the Sea’s” real secret! The Narwhal (Monodon monoceros)may look like a mythical creature or a legendary animal, but it’s not. This is rarely seen whale is said to be the unicorn of the sea. The narwhal […]

The Stunning Seabirds

Whether on land or flying or across bodies of water, these marine birds demonstrate remarkable and stunning behaviors. Blue-Footed Booby The Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), is a marine bird that lives off the warm coastal waters of Central and South America, in particular the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Aside from its signature blue feet, the blue-footed […]

Seven Colorful Aquarium Fishes with Unique Fins

The fishes on the list below are popular aquarium pets due to their bright coloration, unique appearance and flamboyant display of fins making them unique aquatic pets. Red Lionfish: photo link The Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) is a beautiful and colorful coral reef fish with extravagantly pretty fins. The pectoral fin of this venomous beauty […]

Ten Most Beautiful and Colorful Clownfish

Finding Nemo! have you seen that great animated film? If so then you, could you give me what kind of fish is Nemo? Don”t no or not sure what to answer then read on to know where to classify Nemo… Clownfish belong to the family Pomancentridae comprising about 28 known species from the subfamily Amphiprioninae. […]

The Beautiful and Amazing Sea Star

A list of some popular species of sea star. Sea stars, or popularly called starfish, are from the phylum Echinodermata and falls under the class Asteroidea. They have five arms and display a seemingly radial symmetry. Sea stars have a movable skeleton that aids them in moving and hunting for preys that include: oysters and […]

Colorful and Uniquely-patterned Aquarium Fishes

These marine creatures exhibit some form of symmetry, either radial symmetry or bilateral symmetry or spherical symmetry. Most of them are heavily-colored yet they are still attractive and beautiful. Foxface Rabbitfish photo link The Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) is a brightly-colored and popular aquarium fish. It inhabits coral reefs of western Pacific Ocean. This captivating […]

Mollusks: One of the Largest Phyla in The Animal Kingdom

Fascinating facts about mollusks, you probably don”t know… Mollusks make up one of the largest and most important phyla in the animal kingdom with more than 100,000 species, including the familiar invertebrates like snails, clams and octopuses. Although most live in the sea, mollusks are also found in fresh water and on land. Most species […]

Seven Colorful Aquarium Fishes with Unique Fins Part 2

More colorful fishes with flamboyant display of fins. Here’s an additional list of colorful aquarium fishes with wonderful fins. Almost all these fishes occasionally make their way into the aquarium trade. Scooter Dragonet photo link Scooter Dragonet (Synchiropus ocellatus) is a colorful fish species with a large-sail like dorsal fin and distinctively beautiful horizontal pectoral […]