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10 Funny-looking Dogs that will Make Your Day

So tired with the day”s work… Then go check out these funny looking dogs that will complete your day. 1. The Smiley Dog Isn”t he adorable flashing his cute smile. 2. The Classy Dog Check out the wild and scruffy big ears of this small brown dog who looks like he could do with some […]

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines

There are no exact criteria in selecting the Top 10 Dog Breeds Most Favored by Pinoys Today. It”s a matter of perspective. Several factors are considered but at the end of the day – it all boils down to what the home needs in a given situation. Find out who made the list and learn […]

5 Key Tips For Finding A Lost Dog

Every dog owner will tell you that their dog is not simply a pet. Their dog is a family member. This is why it can be a truly traumatic time if a family loses their dog. Regardless of how the dog got away, the actions you take immediately following can determine if you get your […]

Meet My Dog Magnum: A Fearless Blue Merle

Yes, you read me right… I am a proud owner of a fearless guard dog which named Magnum (from the popular Magnum Ice Cream). It’s a five-month old Blue Merle. He is no ordinary puppy — this ‘poker face’ warrior exudes a lot of confidence, intelligence, robust muscles and excellent hunting skills. Once in awhile, […]