10 Funny-looking Dogs that will Make Your Day

So tired with the day”s work… Then go check out these funny looking dogs that will complete your day.

1. The Smiley Dog

Isn”t he adorable flashing his cute smile.

2. The Classy Dog

Check out the wild and scruffy big ears of this small brown dog who looks like he could do with some good brushing and combing for his coat.

3. The Stylish Dog

The retro style rounded shades with narrow metal handles looks really cool on this stylish dog.

4. I Believe I can Fly

Check out this funny dog picture in which this small white poodle enjoys a high jump in the bright sun.

5. Scared to the Max

Look at the reaction of the small dog seeing a big one for the first time.

6. The Marathon Runner

Nothing to sniff on, so to kill time, this cutie joins the marathon.

7. The Lover Boy

Check out the absolutely macho look this handsome golden dog gives as he awaits his girlfriend to pass by.

8. The Facebook Dog

This handsome pug is definitely fond off Facebook apps.

9. The Bigear

With long ears stretching out like giant radars it is quite possible to look so sad.

10. The Ultimate Guard Dog

Enter at your own risk, thieves will really think twice before entering this house.

8 thoughts on “10 Funny-looking Dogs that will Make Your Day

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Dogs will always be awesome, no matter what they do. I enjoyed looking at these pictures! They are so entertaining and adorable.

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    Seriously cute dogs! I love the pug in the first picture. That was such an awesome smile!

  3. nova hedges

    Silly dogs. You are right funny looking dogs can make my day right in an instant.

  4. The Promdi Girl

    hahahaha..those are the cutest and funniest photos of animals ever makes my day.

  5. Wes

    facial design and expression gives the watcher emotion almost immediately….pugs, mastiffs, and rottweilers have open gums and mouths, rendering them with drool they cannot control and always have to wipe up after them…it does have quite an odor and do not want any items getting in their saliva puddles — people think it is cute but an on-going process to have to constantly follow around and clean up. may have to get a bib or something to catch the drool…the beagle has droopy ears and face, pulling on the eyes …was done through years of breeding, focusing on the look and not medical issues so always research a breed and be comfortable and ready for a dog’s size, mannerism, traits and medical issues lying in their genetics and history — can be costly and painful for certain breeds, temperatures and climates and size of home, exercise you dedicate to your pet.

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