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The Smallest Antelopes

Many of us are accustomed to dwarf cats, dogs and even horses but here are some other amazing creatures. Hearing the word “antelope”, we usually imagine a graceful and rather big deer-like animal. Nevertheless, can you imagine a hare-sized antelope? There are some species (so-called ‘’dwarf antelopes ‘‘) that are completely different to your first […]

New Amphibious Giant Centipede Discovered in Southeast Asia

The Animal Kingdom adds another member to its growing list of bizarre creature. And this time it is neither a land animal or a water dweller. It is the combination of both environment! amphibious centipede, which can thrive both on land and in water. Turning over rocks beside streams, George Beccaloni, honeymooning with his bride […]

10 Funny-looking Dogs that will Make Your Day

So tired with the day”s work… Then go check out these funny looking dogs that will complete your day. 1. The Smiley Dog Isn”t he adorable flashing his cute smile. 2. The Classy Dog Check out the wild and scruffy big ears of this small brown dog who looks like he could do with some […]

10 Dog Breeds Nutrition Facts That Will Surprise You

10 Dog Breeds Nutrition Facts That Will Surprise You 1. Labradors are fun-loving dogs that require a lot of love and attention, but give it back as well. Labs are choosy about what they eat, so it can be difficult to feed them the nutritional value they require. Like any other dog, Labradors will need […]

Veterinary Specialities You may Not have Known Existed

Veterinarians play an essential part in the lives of animal lovers. The thought of having to take our companions, whatever species they are, to visit a vet is upsetting, but there is nobody better able to care for creatures great and small. Whenever the pets we care for become ill or injured, a trip to […]

10 Eye-catching Rufous Colored Birds

Below is a list of Rufous-colored birds, where the color Rufous (reddish-brown) is the more prominent color of its plumage. 1. Rufous Hummingbird photo link Described as one of the feistiest hummingbirds in North America, the Rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) is a fairly small hummingbird with short wings, and a slender, straight, black bill. Also […]

The New Breakthrough in Racehorse Scoping

Racehorses are amazing creatures: strong, fast, in incredible shape. Considering the exertion they undergo on a regular basis, keeping them in the best possible fitness and condition is vital: this means they need to be given comprehensive examinations time and again. photo link The most common areas of concern for racehorses are gastric and respiratory […]

10 Stunning Glow-in-the-Dark Animals

Whether to lure mates, detect prey, or to escape from predators, these bioluminescent animals glow in the dark. Check them out and learn how they do it. 1. Firefly photo link Fireflies or lightning bugs are nocturnal beetles comprising the family Lampyridae. There are about 2,000 extant species of firefly. Everyone knows how fireflies got […]

10 Exotic Animals With Unexpected Colors

Yes, you read it right! Here is a list of animals that are naturally blessed and dressed with striking color that make them truly stand out from the rest. Rainbow Grasshopper photo link The Rainbow grasshopper (Dactylotum bicolor), also known as the painted grasshopper, is a species of grasshopper in the family Acrididae. The species […]

The World’s 10 Most Unusual Flightless Birds

These birds have wings but won”t fly! Surprised — then go scroll down the listto know more interesting facts about the world”s 10 most unusual flightless bird. Titicaca grebe photo link The Titicaca flightless grebe or short-winged grebe (Rollandia microptera), is a grebe found primarily in Lake Titicaca which straddles the border between Peru and […]