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10 Dog Breeds Nutrition Facts That Will Surprise You

10 Dog Breeds Nutrition Facts That Will Surprise You 1. Labradors are fun-loving dogs that require a lot of love and attention, but give it back as well. Labs are choosy about what they eat, so it can be difficult to feed them the nutritional value they require. Like any other dog, Labradors will need […]

The Lovable and Comical Boxer

A great dog breed that will keep you laughing and smiling! You will definitely love to own this lovable and comical boxer. photo link The Boxer was developed in Germany in the late 19th century. The breed is a cross between a Mastiff (the now extinct Bullenbeisser), and bulldog brought in from Great Britain. One […]

There’s Something About These Dogs!

A list of dog breeds that possess strange behaviors, appearances and habitats. Dogs are such beautiful and unique animals, no wonder, they are seen in most houses as guardian dogs, hunting companions or just simply pets. But did you know that there are some dog breeds that are rare, strange or possess something unique. Here […]