The Lovable and Comical Boxer

A great dog breed that will keep you laughing and smiling! You will definitely love to own this lovable and comical boxer.

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The Boxer was developed in Germany in the late 19th century. The breed is a cross between a Mastiff (the now extinct Bullenbeisser), and bulldog brought in from Great Britain. One of these first boxers was the pure white “Blanka.” They were initially used for hunting,as cattle dogs, cart pulling, and bull baiting purposes. Today, the breed is utilized as watchdogs, for police work, and military works.

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The Boxer is a compact, medium-sized, short-haired dog breed. The breed has a chiseled head in proportion with the body. It has a short back, strong limbs with well developed muscles. The eyes are dark brown. The muzzle is dark in color with facial wrinkles and wide, open nostrils. The ears are set high and the tail is normally docked.

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Boxers have shiny, smooth, firm, Shorthaired coats. Coat colors range from beige, brindle, fawn, tawny brown, and red with white markings (flashing) that often appear onto the face. A ‘white’ boxer is described as that of one with white markings covering more than one-third of their coat. Adult males measure between 56-63 cm, while bitches can reach between 53-61 cm. Adult males weigh around 27-32 kg and bitches between 24-29 kg.

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The breed is known for being loyal and affectionate to his master and can get along very-well with children. The boxer is highly intelligent, obedient, comical, energetic and a playful dog. It is patient, friendly, dignified, courageous, and self-assured. Also, a boxer is a very cheerful companion, but distrustful of strangers. The breed by nature is not the aggressive-type, but when provoked, it is a fearsome watchdog.

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Boxers are very intelligent but can be boisterous. For that reason, obedience training is a must. The breed enjoys training, learns easily and loves to perform tricks. Some have worked as guide dogs as well as guard dogs. Training should start young and must consist of fairness, firmness, and consistency. If not properly trained boxers tend to be unruly, demanding, and stubborn. Caution: It is not advisable to train your dog to dominate another dog.

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Boxers will do fine living in a small household or apartment with an average-sized yard. adequate Boxers are playful and are active indoors. It is important to keep them stimulated to prevent boredom. The breed lives best in temperate climates. These dogs may drool and snore.

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An active, energetic, agile and athletic breed, boxers requires daily work and exercise. Regular walks and playing ball will them happy and maintain good health. Special concern: boxers tend to fight among themselves.

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The Boxer’s smooth, short-haired coat requires minimal grooming. This breed is an average shedder, thus regular brushing using a firm bristle brush is recommended. Bathe only when necessary. Boxers are normally clean and groom themselves. Since the breed is known to have a sensitive stomach, essential diet is needed.

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Boxers are susceptible to some health issues, including skin allergies, knee and back problems, arthritis, hip thyroid and heart problems. Adults are prone to cancer and epilepsy. Some white Boxers are prone to deafness.

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The life expectancy of healthy Boxer is between 11 to 14 years.

39 thoughts on “The Lovable and Comical Boxer

  1. Badet

    My family used to love dogs but have to stop having one because we have a baby in the house. The boxer is very cute!

  2. jem alvarado

    I like to have this pet at home being loyal and affectionate to his master and can get along very-well with children.

  3. Teresa Martinez

    Boxers have an unusual look that can some times be cute or scary depending on the situation. I am actually surprised to know that this breed can be very good with children.

  4. The Manila Urbanite

    Dogs really are soooo cute but unfortunately I hate asthma and 2 of my siblings too, so we've never really had one. 🙁

  5. Pao Tolentino

    If given the chance to add 1 more to my dogs, I'd probably get a Boxer. I can imagine walking down the street with it (w/o his leash on) and he'd be strutting like he doesn't care. This is some good info buddy. Any chance you can do anything on English Bulldogs?

  6. Rochkirstin Santos

    These dogs are all cute and lovable indeed however I still don't like to keep them as pets.

  7. joy

    Cute! cute but fierce, I know! We actually have 6 dogs here 🙂 1 is mixed askal and boxer so her face is boxer-like and build is that of a boxer but more askal looking 🙂

  8. Gigi Beleno

    These dogs look fierce though I think they are so cute. My brother has one of this and he is such adorable and everyone in the house loves the dog.

  9. Maritel Ledesma

    I am more partial to labradors and shepherds. I had a terrier before who was a smaller version of a boxer but he did not live for long.


    Boxer looks really scary for me. I like dogs that look gentle, like a Golden Retriever.

  11. ♣ lily ♣

    Oh,they're heavy! Almost half my weight! 🙂

    Nice to know that they could live for 11-14 years. Losing a dog is really painful..,

  12. Destination Davao

    Although I am not a fan of boxer, I like German Shepherd and Doberman. The boxer looks really tough and ready to attack.

  13. Mommy Pehpot

    quite a sensitive breed but looks like a good one since it does not shred that much 🙂 my kids have been asking me to buy a dog and this one just made it to our list.. if ever..

  14. Rovie

    This boxer dog looks like an ideal pet but I don't really had the chance to have a dog or any pet. Bella is showing fondness with dogs, maybe in the future she would want to own one.

  15. Teresa Martinez

    It is good to know that boxers are very loyal and affectionate to their masters. This makes them easier to love.

  16. betchai

    what very beautiful picture of the boxer with the red ball, i am not very familiar with dog breeds, but somehow have more affinity with labradors because they love swimming, makes me remember our dog back home when he was still alive, it was fun always swimming with dog in the ocean or river, haha.

  17. Lainy

    I love dogs! This is the first time I have seen a boxer breed though. Aren't they cute? But the fam's 3-yr old Shih Tzu pup will be forever the cutest. Lol!

  18. kulasa

    Oh am gee, those dogs are simply adorable! I would love to have a boxer dog at home! Can't get enough of their cute photos!!! I would love to hear the snore of a boxer! 🙂

  19. ms. len

    They are all cute dogs. But for some reason, I don't see myself owning one. Maybe because I had a bad experience with them when I was a child.

  20. cheerful

    thanks for sharing information about boxer dog, its breed are really interesting! 🙂 we wish to have dogs but we've been moving around, so its bit hard for us. anyway, we have some Japanese Spitz in Philippines and my parents are the one taking care of them, which my kids love to see in Skype. 🙂

  21. Zion

    Never been a fan of dogs, especially these ones. I've always thought they were scary as hell!

  22. Myfurryplace Furry

    hahaha… Love them all. I have boarder couple of these terrier and they need constant exercise ! Very hiper fur.

  23. Myfurryplace Furry

    Sure they are playful but needs constant exercise ! I have board a couple of them. They are very hiper energy ! but love them all………….

  24. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    Boxers are cute although I had one situation where the dog kept on barking at me and pushing me out. It's true they are wary of strangers and I have first hand experience on that!

  25. Raine Pal

    Hahahahaha…so cute! I like the white one(photo #2 and #3), love to cuddle them. I wish I had a dog like that.

  26. Shiela May Aballa

    Wish I can be a pet owner too but I have a short patience in cleaning them. Is it easy to take care such a cutie?

  27. SBZ

    Boxers are really adorable and I would like to have one in the future when I have a bigger space to accommodate more dogs. 🙂

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