10 Fashionable Animals Whose Names Starts with The Letter M

From a huge but gentle dog, to a bird with elongated tail feathers down to a white-black-orange banded pet snake, these animals are modish in their own way. Read to learn more about these M animals.


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The macaques comprise 19 species of Old World monkeys that are widespread in Asia. One species, Barbary ape ( M. sylvanus ) is found in Northern Africa. Depending on the species; macaques can be stocky or medium built in stature, with long tail, short tail or no tail at all. Macaques fur ranges from black, brown or gray. Adult males measure about 60 cm in body length. These highly intelligent animals have a very complicated social hierarchy and structure.


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The motmots comprise 10 species of medium-sized size passerine birds found in woodlands and dense forests of Central America. Known for their elongated central tail feathers, motmots mostly have brownish green plumage and strong heavy bill. Fully grown adults measure about 17 to 50 cm long. Their diet includes small insects and lizards.


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The mouflon is small feral sheep inhabiting steep mountainous areas of northern Iran and northern Iraq. They sport reddish brown coat with short hair. Males have a dark back with a saddle-shaped mark, and carry large horns. Mouflons stand about a meter at shoulder height and weigh 35 – 50 kg.

Moray eel

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Moray eels are carnivorous marine eels found in both temperate and tropical seas. Comprising about 100 species, they are found in depths over several hundred meters. Moray eels size range from 12 cm to 4 meters and weigh more than 35 kilograms. As for its color, it varies from black, off white or sandy yellow. Moray ells have a huge head, wide jaws, small dark eyes, a protruding snout and large concave teeth. A good night hunters, moray ells feed on other fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and cephalopods.

Milk Snake

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Comprising about 25 subspecies, the Milk snake is a species of king snake widespread in the United States, Southern Canada, to Central and South America. They inhabit woodlands, agricultural fields, wetlands, rocky hillsides, barns and around houses. Depending on the species, milk snakes come in different appearance, but all carry the familiar white-black-orange or orange-black-yellow band color pattern.These terrestrial snakes have smooth and glossy scales and lack eyelids. They average from 50 to 150 cm long. A night hunter, the milk snake’s diet includes: for the young ones; insects, slugs and earthworms; adults feed on lizards, small mammals and other snakes. They have a life span of about 12 years.


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Martens are slim, agile arboreal animals related to the weasel family. They are found in coniferous forests across Europe, North America and Central Asia. Martens have soft fur that ranges from yellowish to dark brown. They have large paws and bushy tails. Adults measure around 20 to 25 in. long (head to tail). Martens feed on small animals like insects, rabbits, mice, and fish. If available, they also eat honey, nuts, and berries.


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The Mastiff, is a massive guard dog that is believed used by the Roman legions during the war thousands of years ago. This calm, quiet “gentle giant” measures around 27-30 inches tall at shoulder length and weighs about 150-200 pounds. Famous for their sagging skin, Mastiffs have large heads, small eyes, medium-sized ears and short muzzle. The short-haired coat range in colors from fawn, black, silver or brindle. Though a fearless guard dog, the Mastiff is kind, playful, and affectionate family dog. With proper care and attention, this “gentle giant” can live 10 to 12 years.

Manx Cat

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The Manx cat is a “tailless” cat that traces its origin on the Isle of Man. This shortening of the tail, is due to a genetic mutation of the spine. Some Manx can have normal tail, short or “stub” tail or no-tail at all. Normal or tailless, Manx cat typically has an expressive round head, big, round eyes, deep flank, wide chest and small ears. Adding to its rounded appearance, Manx has shorter front legs than the hind legs. Manx can support two coat length – Shorthair or longhair and colors vary from solid-color, Calico, Tabby, Tortoise-shell or bi-color. White Manx is rare. Adult males average 10-12 lbs while females weigh less. Manx are friendly, gentle-mannered, and affectionate.


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Mergansers are diving waterfowls found in most of the northern hemisphere. There are six extant species of Merganser often called “sawbills”, found mostly in riverine forest. Mergansers are characterized by their long, slender, serrated bills. Adults average around 2 ft long . The duck’s plumage range from glossy-black, dark-green to salmon color. Some species sport crested heads with reddish breasts. They feed on frogs, mollusks, fish and marine insects.


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The muskrat is a medium-sized rodent indigenous to North America. Its habitat includes lakes, marshes, rivers, streams and ponds. Muskrats sport brown or black coat with short, thick fur. The tails are long and covered with scales. Muskrats have very small eyes and ears and webbed feet. Adults measure around 40 to 60 cm and about 0.7 to 1.8 kg in weight. Muskrats spend a lot of their life on water feeding on cattails, aquatic vegetation and other small animals like frogs, fish, mussels and turtles. Muskrats are territorial animals living in family groups.

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  1. Ria C

    Interesting subjects Kuya. I like the family of Macaque. Such a lovely snap! I also love the picture of that Mastiff dog. I wanted to have one but I think I don't have the physical prowess to control one. Such a big and powerful dog to have.

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    I find marten really cute to look at! But I don't want to have a moray eel as my pet unless for self-defense.. 😀

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    I like how you referred to them as fashionable…hihi. I like Mastiffs, if I'd be allowed to have a dog, it's on my number 4 list….though being huge as they are, they have a short lifespan :/

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