Top 10 Horse Breeds

For countless centuries, man and horses have developed a relationship built on love and necessity. Wild horses are tamed and used as a workhorse in tending agricultural farms, drive carriages and lately as perfect spaces for horse disciplines events. Read on to know more about these gentle creatures and find out what are today’s top 10 horse breeds.

10. Lippitt Morgan

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A truly American breed of horse, Lippitt Morgan traced its root to “Figure”, a stallion born in 1789 and owned by Justin Morgan. This breed of horse is known for its agility, strength, stamina, and intelligence. An all- around family horse, Lippitt Morgan stands to about 1.42 m tall and weighs around 430 kg.

9. Haflinger

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A breed of horse developed in Austria during the late 19th century, Haflinger is known for its chestnut color and characteristic energetic and elegant gaits. A short horse in stature, about 177 to 152 m tall, Haflinger has refined head, large eyes, light colored mane and white to golden-haired tail. A gentle and intelligent breed of horse, the Haflinger excels in such disciplines like Driving, riding, trail and pleasure.

8. Hackney

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The Hackney Horse is a popular carriage driving breed of horse developed in Norfolk, England since 1883. Known for its remarkable trotting ability, the Hackney stands around 14.2 to 16.2 hands in height, where a “hand” is equivalent to 4 inches. The head is well-shaped, eyes are expressive, ears are neatly shaped, arched neck, the chest is well-defined, the shoulders are powerful, long forearms and legs, and the tail is naturally set high. The horse colors range from black, brown, chestnut, or bay and typically Hackney’s legs bear white markings. Aside from carriage driving, Hackney are now regular performers in horse sport disciplines, competing in events like Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, and Competitive Trail Riding/Driving.

7. Hanoverian

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A familiar feature in Olympic Equestrian competitions, a Hanoverian is a strong, robust and elegant breed of horse that traced its root in northern Germany. Considered the best and popular amongst European warm bloods, Hanoverian was first used as carriage horses, but was interred with thoroughbred producing more agile, athletic, and good temperament offspring, suitable for competitions. The horse colors range from bay, chestnut, gray, brown, or black. It stands to about 15.3 to 16.2 hands, with a plain head, expressive eyes, long robust neck, strong back, and powerful body. Known for its elegant gaits, long strides and powerful jumps, this athletic horse shines in the Olympic equestrian disciplines including dressage, jumping and combined riding.

6. Highland Pony

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The Highland pony is one of the oldest breed of horse in Great Britain, native to Scotland, traditionally used as a workhorse, but are now used for driving and general riding. Standing between 13 to 14.2 hands, highland pony has a well-shaped head, compact body, broad chest, well-developed thighs and powerful quarters. Typically dun or brownish gray in color, although some sport chestnut, cream, bay or gray color.

5. Dutch Warmblood

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The Dutch Warmblood is a modern horse breed developed in the Netherlands in the early 1960s, primarily used for horse disciplines like dressage and show jumping events. Known for their gentleness, intelligence, athleticism, and reliability, Dutch Warmblood come in all solid colors. Standing to about 16.2 to 18 hands at the withers, this light horse has a well-shaped head, arched neck, deep chest, strong shoulders, long legs and forearm, and powerful hindquarters.

4. Cleveland Bay

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The Cleveland Bay is the oldest horse breed in England that traced its origin in Northern Yorkshire, Great Britain in the early 18th century. A powerful coach horse, the Cleveland Bay is known for its intelligence, mild manners and durability. About 16 to 16.2 hands in height, it has a large head, long smooth neck, large eyes and ears, muscular shoulders and strong legs. Normally, it sports a bay color with black mane and tail.

3. Connemara Pony

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The Connemara pony, a pony breed that is said to be brought by the ancient Celts to Ireland, is today’s ultimate sport pony excelling in jumping, driving and endurance events. Famous for its versatility and durability, Connemara pony demonstrates gentle, willing and trusting temperament. Adult males average 13 to 15 hands. Distinguishable features of the pony include: well-shaped “pony” head, kind eyes, well-sloped shoulders, muscular back, well-defined joints and deep and rounded hindquarters. Colors range from bay, gray, brown and dun. Occasionally, some individuals come in chestnut, black or palomino colors.

2. Camargue

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An ancient rugged horse breed of unknown origin, Camargue horses are found in southern France primarily used by the Camargue “cowboys” to tend herds and for bullfighting. Traditionally, they sport gray color, meaning adults have white hair coats over their black skins. Generally, standing between 13 to 14 hands (132 to 142 cm), a Camargue horse has short stature, short neck, compact body, broad chest, powerful limbs and a complete mane and tail. Owing to its intelligence, agility and calm temperament, this horse is perfect for long distance riding, and for equestrian events like dressage and driving.

1. Canadian Horse

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A hardy and robust breed of horse, The Canadian horse originated in Canada during the late 1600’s. Known for its gentleness, intelligence and spirited manners, this horse has evolved from being a family horse to what it is today – an athletic horse that excels in equestrian events , including jumping, dressage, Eventing and driving. Standing from 14 to 16 hands in height, Canadian horses typically are black in color, although others come in chestnut, brown, or bay in color. Other characteristics of Canadian horse are: finely-chiseled head, bright and lively eyes, arched neck, solidly built body, thick, and long manes and hardy feet and legs.

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  1. Elma Placido

    wow ! I love to have 1 of this beauty ! When my father was still alive we use to have 2 of them. My father's priceless position that time.

  2. Mari Bella

    Wow ! love to have this beauty . When my father is still alive his 2 priceless horse is his best animal in the farm.

  3. betchai

    Oh1 Different breeds but both adorable. They look so neat with their different kinds of fur too.

  4. MaryJane Tauyan

    some of these are exotic looking horses, love the #3 and #2, I guess, my preference for white 🙂

  5. Jessica Cassidy

    cleveland bay and the white horses above looks amazing!! back in austrlia our neighbor owns a brown horse just cant think which it is above

  6. Anna

    The Hackney breed is such a handsome horse! I love the muscular body and the smart snotty look. The last time I rode a horse could have been may 12 years ago, when our family spent a few days vacation in Tagaytay.

  7. Cherry

    The highland pony looks a bit like a cow eh while the dutch warmblood looks so masculine

  8. Chubskulit Rose

    Camargue horses look like angels! I love how "intelligence, agility and calm temperament" is associated with them.

  9. Karen @ MrsLookingGood

    The Canadian horse is so shiny! I love horses, wish I know how to ride one.

  10. Juliana

    The photo of the Cleveland bay horse looks great. Reminds me of Marlboro country. 🙂

  11. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    Thanks for the Top 10, I thought I would see thoroughbreds in the list. At the moment, California Chrome is so popular for winning the first two derbies here in the US. It's unfortunate he did not win the Belmont race preventing him to do a grand slam this year.

  12. Dhemz

    I like the highland pony the most 🙂 Wish I can go Scotland to see one in person.

  13. Shengkay Apuhin

    The Lippitt Morgan is a lovely breed of horse, as well as the Dutch Warmblood. My son says he likes the Highland Pony.

  14. Jessica Cassidy

    si vice ganda lang ang breed ng kabayo na kilala ko…hahaha…parang aso lang din pala silano, maraming breed..thanks sa info..

  15. Algene

    They are all beautiful! I am mesmerized by the Highland Pony's hair. Nagpa- rebond ba sya? Hehehe!

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