The World’s Greatest Hunger-resistant and Most Voracious-eating Animals

A human will survive in two weeks without food, but not without water. A human can live up to 40 days without food as long as he drinks water. Here’s a list of amazing animals that can eat too much and animals that can last for a very long time without eating or drinking.
1.) Tick

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Ticks are amazing animals. These very tough and hunger-resistant creatures can survive up to eighteen years without eating. That’s incredibly awesome!!!

2.) Snake

Snakes are scary and tough animals. Snakes have been known to survive without eating for one year,

3.) Salmon

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Another very tough and hunger-resistant animal is the Salmon. During the Salmon’s journey going upstream to its spawning grounds, it has no choice but to go 9 months without eating.

4.) Grizzly Bear

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Grizzly Bears or simply Grizzlies are hunger-resistant animals. During hibernation, they can survive 7 months without eating.

5.) Honeypot Ant

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Honeypot Ants are very tough tiny creatures. They are known to survive without eating for a period of 6 months. They are also commonly known as Repletes.

6.) Southern Right Whale

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Southern Right Whales are hunger-resistant creatures. In order that their whale pup would not die in the cold Antarctic waters, the mothers must travel 6,400 km north without any food at all. They can survive 4 months without eating.

7.) Weddell Seal

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Weddell Seals are hunger-resistant animals too. When Weddell Seal has a newborn pup, the mother must go without eating for three weeks.

8.) Camel

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Camels are not just thirst-resistant desert animals. They are also tough and hunger-resistant. If they have a full hump, they can last for two weeks without food.

9.) Emperor Penguin

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Emperor Penguins, like Southern Right Whales, are very tough and hunger-resistant creatures. Emperor Penguin dads raised their young in the harsh Antarctic landscape and must go 90 days without eating while the females are thriving on fish and krill.

10.) Shrew

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Shrews are among the most voracious-eating animals in the world. They have to eat three times their own weight or starve.

11.) Hummingbird

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Hummingbirds are the tiniest bird species but they are among the most-voracious-eating creatures on Earth. They can eat 60 meals a day without getting fat due to fast metabolism.

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