Amazing Animals: 10 Creatures That Use Gadgets

A list of animals that uses different gadgets in their quality activities.

Some animal species are capable of using gadgets and tools for activities like eating, hunting and many others. Here are 10 notable animals that use different objects.

1.) Green-Winged Macaw

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The attractive and beautiful Green-winged Macaw is prized for its flamboyant plumage. It is considered one of the intelligent bird species. They can manipulate objects such as specially built bike as shown in the above picture.

2.) Chimpanzee

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The chimpanzee is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. It uses 19 different tools, such as sticks to catch fish; it uses rock hammers and sometimes uses human tools too.

3.) Orangutan

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Orangutans are intelligent animals like Chimpanzees. They can create different tool like a leaf to get out of the rain. They use leaves as a straw to drink rain water and use a stick to get honey from bees.

4.) Elephant

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The elephant’s trunk is utilized in so many ways. Elephants use their trunks to knock down trees, to carry logs, to wipe its eyes or picking up a coin.

5.) Dolphin

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One of the most intelligent animals is the Dolphin. Even in captivity, they are very easy to train and can learn varieties of tricks. In their natural habitat, Dolphins use sponges to escape Stone Fish, one of the most venomous creatures in the ocean.

6.) Sea Otter

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Sea Otters are clever animals. They feed on mollusks and in order to break open mollusk shells they use stone or rock.

7.) Digger Wasp

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Digger Wasps are among the cleverest insects in the world. Female Digger Wasps lay eggs underground, and then they seal the passage with pebbles. They do this so that predators will not harm their offspring.

8.) Woodpecker Finch

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Another intelligent bird is the Woodpecker Finch. This bird species uses part of a cactus spine or a twig as tool in order to get dinner.

9.) Green Heron

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Green Herons are smart birds. These bird species use bread hand-outs to act as a lure to attract fish because they have relatively short legs.

10.) Egyptian Vulture

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Another bird species that uses a tool is the Egyptian Vulture. This flying creature is known to use rocks to break open the thick shell of ostrich eggs.

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