10 Insects with The Most Painful Stings

Here’s a list of insect with the most venomous sting in the world. Such stings can induce excruciating pain and numbness and for others could mean death. The measurement of sting used in this particular article is the Schmidt Sting Pain Index.

Insects are among the most diverse group of animals in the world. Most insects are considered pests to humans. Many species are harmful and deadly too.

10.) Sweat Bee

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With a sting measurement of 1.0, Sweat Bees are among the insects with potent sting. Sweat Bees were so named because they are attracted to the salt in human sweat. Their sting is almost painless, but can cause harm to people with allergies to insect stings.

9.) Fire Ant

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Fire Ants are stinging ants with a 1.2 measure of sting. There are more than 280 species of Fire Ants and they are also known for several common names such as Tropical Fire Ants and Ginger Ants.

8.) Bald-faced Hornet

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Hornets are among the most dreaded insects in the world. A Bald-faced Hornet or Dolichovespula maculata has a 2.0 measure of pain. The pain of the sting of this critter is similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door. Ouch!!!

7.) Yellowjacket

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A Yellowjacket has a 2.0 measure of pain like the Bald-faced Hornet. The pain it causes is similar in extinguishing a cigar on your tongue. Whew, that really hurts. This animal is common in North America. All female species of the Yellowjackets are capable of stinging.

6.) Honey Bee

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Looks are deceiving, and names too! Taking into consideration the common name of this insect sounds like it will cause no pain to anybody. A Honey Bee’s sting is measured at 2.x one. Remember, not all honeys are sweet.

5.) European Hornet

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The measure of sting of the Honey Bee and European Hornet are the same at 2.x. the sting of a European Hornet is comparable to a matchhead that flips off and burns one’s skin.

4.) Red Harvester Ant

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One of the dreaded stinging insect with a measure of sting of 3.0 is the Red Harvester Ant. The pain it causes is simply excruciating. This animal can be found in southwest United States.

3.) Paper Wasp

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Similar to the dangerous Red Harvester Ant, the Paper Wasp is also a dangerous small creature. The sting of this insect is measured at 3.0 and is like spilling a hydrochloric acid on a paper cut. This stinging animal is also known as Umbrella Wasp.

2.) Tarantula Hawk

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Have you experienced being electrified? The sting of Tarantula Hawk, which is measured at 4.0, is truly painful and can be compared to being electrified. The sting of a Tarantula Hawk is one of the most painful of all insects.

1.) Bullet Ant

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The Bullet Ant (Paraponera clavata), a creature, with a measure of sting of 4.0+, is considered the world’s insect with the most painful and excruciating sting. The pain it causes is similar to fire-walking over flaming charcoal with a 3-inch rusty nail in one’s heel. These dangerous stinging insects are also known as Conga Ant and Lesser Giant Hunting Ant.

2 thoughts on “10 Insects with The Most Painful Stings

  1. Brenda Nelson

    As you know I love the great outdoors, going for walks and hikes. When I was a kid I remember we went to a forested area, it was great fun, until I was attacked by wasps.. I got stung in about 4 places and went runnning sreaming back to the car. It really was not all that bad when you think about it but to a kid it was very frightening. For years I was scared of wasps, but now I do not mind them at all, I even let them crawl on my finger if stuck at the window and trying to get outside. It is good to experience nature and not be afraid of it.

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