The Greatest and Most Prolific Animal Jumpers

His Airness, Michael Jordan, can leap high in the air to perform those acrobatic shots and most prolific and amazing dunks. Now it’s time to find out who are the other greatest jumpers in the animal world. Check this out!

1.) Flea

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Fleas, which are bloodsucking animals, are the greatest jumpers in the world because they can jump 350 times their own length and 220 times their own height. If Fleas are as big as Humans, they can jump over a structure that is 91 meters tall.

2.) Tree Frog

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We are aware that fogs leap a lot. But do you know that some species of frogs can jump 150 times its own length? Yes, Tree Frogs can do that. If a Tree Frog is a human, it can simply jump over the famous Titanic. The beautiful and colorful tree frog in the above photo is a Red-eyed Tree Frog.

3.) Jumping Spider

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Jumping Spiders are not only known for their multiple and prolific eyes, but also for their extraordinary leaping ability. A Jumping Spider can jump 100 times its own length, which is equivalent to a human jumping over two jumbo jets.

4.) Kangaroo Rat

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Kangaroo Rats, which are native to North America, are prolific jumpers. They can jump 45 times their body length. If they are humans, they could leap 90 meters wide which is equivalent to a Football field.

5.) Locust

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If Locusts were humans, they could easily clear a basketball court which measures 28.65 meters. A Locust can jump up to 20 times its own body length. Locusts can also breed rapidly and can travel great distances, rapidly stripping fields and greatly damaging crops.

6.) Klipspringer

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Klipspringers are great jumpers. They can jump 10 times their own height. If Klipspringers are human and they are 6 ft tall, they can jump as high as 60 ft. These antelope inhabits the continent of Africa.

7.) Kangaroo

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Kangaroos are endemic to Australia. This Australian iconic symbol is a very fast and high jumper. It moves at a speed 56 km/h and it can sprint 100 meters in 4 seconds. This marsupial can also leap 9.1 meters in the long jump.

8.) Rabbit

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Rabbits are amongst the most popular animals in the world. A Rabbit is the iconic symbol of Playboy and is believed by many as a symbol of luck. Rabbits are also good jumpers – they can jump twice as far as the best Olympic jumpers.

9.) Bharal

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Have you seen animals that graze on the edges of steep cliffs? The Bharals of Tibet are not only accurate jumpers, but also very daring animals because they find foods on the edges of steep cliffs. The hooves of these creatures are designed for this.

10.) Mexican Jumping Bean

The Mexican Jumping Bean is an occurrence endemic to Mexico. It jumps because when the moth larva inside the jumping bean gets in a hot place, the larvae can make it twitch and flip by snapping its body hoping to roll in a much cooler place.

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