Popular Domesticated Goose Breeds

A list of the most popular goose breeds that might be of help to soon-to-be geese breeders.

Nowadays, geese breeding is fast becoming a popular past-time activity for many people. Some breed geese just to have a fun of it while others take geese breeding for the monetary benefits it gives. So taking into consideration both aspects of geese breed, it’s very important to know how to choose the right breed of goose. There are several geese breeds, each with its own goose breed characteristics. When it comes to breeding geese are starting to raise geese, it all comes down to finding the right goose breed for you!

For people who are interested in geese breeding, I listed 9 common and popular goose breeds that might help you in starting your own backyard geese hobby!

Chinese Goose Breed

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The Chinese goose breed is one of the more popular goose breed, though they are much smaller than other breeds (except the Egyptian goose). A typical male Chine goose can weigh up to 12 pounds (male) while female Chinese goose can grow up to 10 pounds.

Toulouse Goose Breed

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This goose breed comes from France and is a good source for meat production. The Toulouse is a large goose breed and can easily be identified by its orange goose bill, dark gray feathers and brown eyes. You will be awed by its size that males grow to 26 pounds and female weighs to 20 pounds.

Embden Goose Breed

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This German goose breed is excellent for goose egg layers and is often picked by geese breeders who are interested in egg production. Sporting white plumage, the Emden goose breed is much leaner than the Toulouse goose breed. Males Emden geese can grow up 26 pounds while females can weigh up to 20 pounds.

African Goose Breed

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Though taller than the Toulouse and Emden goose breeds, African goose breed weighs lighter where males can grow up to 20 pounds and female can weigh up to 18 pounds. This breed is a good source for eggs. African goose breed distinctive mark includes: brown plumage, dark beak and a knob on its head.

Canada Goose Breed

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The Canada Goose breed is a much lighter breed compared to other breeds where the average weight for males is 12 pounds. Found mostly in North America, prospective breeders need to apply first for a goose ownership permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Buff Goose Breed

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The Buff Geese breed is a good source of meat but not for laying. It has an off-white or sometimes beige colored feathers. Males can weigh up to 18 pounds while females weigh 2 pounds less.

Pilgrim Goose Breed

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If you are looking for a breed that is a good source for meat, then get a Pilgrim goose. Pilgrim goose breed falls under the medium-sized goose breed where the average weight for male is 14 pounds and for female 12 pounds. Take note that males sport white plumage while females are gray.

Sebastopol Goose Breed

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The white Sebastopol goose is raised mostly for ornamental purposes due to its fancy feathers. Sebastopol is a medium-sized goose with long, white curly feathers. The feathers of the neck are smooth and sometimes grayish-brown. Males grow up to 14 lbs while females weigh 10 to12 lbs.

Egyptian Goose Breed

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The Egyptian goose falls under the small goose breeds. They have gray-and-black plumage and are usually raised for ornamental reasons. Males usually weigh 10 lbs. while females grow to 8 lbs.

35 thoughts on “Popular Domesticated Goose Breeds

  1. Albert Einstein☺

    The Canada Goose Breed is my favorite. I love the white pattern on its neck. It seems like it is wearing a neck brace. hahaa

  2. Sky Summer

    I have a good ole memories with the goose. I'm sure it was the Embden Goose Breed who runs after me when I interrupted their swimming session in the creek. I was running like a mad! hihihi

  3. emely vercide

    I remember being chased by a goose when I was young. Because I took one of her chick with me. I ran for my life! But unfortunately,I stumbled down. I let go of her chick but it's too late, she already bit my butt! LOL!

  4. Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer

    hmmm so they also come in different faces.. the last one is pretty.. black and beautiful 🙂

  5. Jennie

    If it weren't for this post, I wouldn't have known geese had quite a few breeds. They look so lovely. 🙂

  6. Myk Malag

    Never knew these breeds and what's there contribution/use to us. So some are used as producers for eggs…I just wonder what would be the difference with chicken eggs… 😀

  7. ricky bernardino

    When I was a young boy I often go a classmates house every afternoon until there geese chased me that scare the hell out of me. I never came back to that house again since then. But they do look so beautiful =)

  8. Pinoy Chocophile

    we have in our house the African Goose Breed and I love to eat their eggs for breakfast quite big… goose are believed to be a good security alarm since they make noise when they sense strangers…

  9. ana karen Banhag

    they are beautiful.. especially the Canada Goose Breed. I remember one time my nephew took home some from the farm… 🙂

  10. Mai Flores

    I suddenly remembered how I got chased by a white goose at my old school (which looked like an Embden Goose Breed)… it freaked the heck out of me! :)) By the way, the Toulouse Goose Breed looks like a Turkey. 🙂

  11. Shirgie

    Among the list, I only saw Embden Goose Breed. I haven't seen the others. I didn't even know they exist until I read this blog post..hehee..

  12. Angie Vianzon

    I love how the Embden Goose Breed looks plus I think that is the only Goose that I've seen so far. Also, I find the Canada Goose Breed cute.

  13. Rovie Aguis

    Canada Goose Breed looks wonderful. As a kid I am not really fond of geese, most of us were afraid to be near them 🙂

  14. jsncruz

    Just wondering, is it possible to raise these breeds here in the Philippines? Local farmers and breeders could benefit from "one of a kind" farms if they do.

  15. Ness

    I actually saw some of these in Technohub Ayala in QC. They're really used to people already. They walk along with the employees in the area. They really nice to look at.

  16. YANI

    I think geese breeding is better in province. I witnessed my lolos/lolas in Ilocos doing this as their pasttime 🙂

  17. cheerful

    i like them, especially when they are in the water…they look lovely and graceful! 🙂 thanks for sharing another interesting and informative post! 🙂

  18. Teresa Martinez

    The Embden Goose Breed is the closest to the ones I see in story books.

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