Strange Facts About Insects

Some things you’ve got to know about insects.

* According to studies, half of all known animals are insects.

* Insect is a good source of protein so in several countries it is a delicacy.

* Majority of insects use their antennae in search of food.

* Insects are the cold-blooded animals.

* All insects have jointed legs, 3 pairs to be exact.

* Insects can lift objects 50 times or more its natural weight.

Here are other facts about insects:


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* Almost 1/3 of all known insects are beetles.

* A 100 gram African Goliath beetle is the heaviest insect in the world.

* The South American Acteon Beetle holds the record for the biggest known insect. The males can grow up to 9cms long. * The hairy winged beetles are the tiniest insects in the world.

* Believe it or not 278 Japanese beetles were once found on a single apple.


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* 15 miles per hour at an average, that‘s how fast a bee can fly.

* A worker bee can generate 1/12th teaspoon of honey in its entire life span.

* In order to produce a tablespoon of honey, bees need to be busy sipping the nectar from 2,000 flowers.

* More human death are attributed to honeybees sting than all poisonous snakes bite.

* A bee’s buzz is generated by moving its wings at a rate of 11,400 strokes per minute.

* A bee can sting only once then dies after it pulled-out its stinger.


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* A baby cockroach can run side by side with its parents.

* A head-less cockroach can survive for a week but dies of thirst because it can’t drink water.

* Cockroaches can survive for a month eating nothing but have only a week to live without water.

* The world’s largest cockroach found in South America is the world’s biggest cockroach measuring six inches and a one-foot wingspan.

* The Madagascan Hissing Cockroach (shown in photo) is one of the few insects who give birth to live young, rather than laying eggs.


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* Believe it or not, ants stay awake all their life.

* Ants have to move their jaws sideways just to chew its meal.

* An ant colony can housed half a million individuals.

* Amazon ants (red ants found in the western U.S.) who are good warriors have to snatch other ants larvae to make them slaves. In so doing, Amazon ants can’t survive without their slaves.

* Certain honey-pot ants become a colony’s warehouse. Their bloated abdomen produces a liquid food that serve as food to other individuals living in a colony.

* The fire ant, who grows as big as a grain of rice has a sting that is worse than a hornet’s sting.


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* Crickets sense of hearing comes from their knees.

* Take note only adult male crickets are capable of making a chirp.

* Crickets chirp is a product of rubbing its wings together.

* Some crickets are intelligent, they make a conical-shaped hole that help amplify the sound of their chirps allowing it to be heard as far as 2,000 feet away.

* Crickets are good temperature reader. People know whether its hot or cold depending on the chirps crickets make.


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* According to studies, majority of human death caused by animals is due to mosquito bite * Mosquitoes feet are irritated by citronella, so they hate it much.

* Mosquitoes will likely bite children and blondes.

* Don’t worry about male mosquitoes, only the females bite. They need blood protein to produce eggs.

* It would take more than a million mosquito bite to sap all your blood.


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* Common diseases such typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera are usually associated with a housefly.

* The house fly life span at the most 21 days.

* The housefly complex eye has more than 4,000 lenses.

* House flies hairy and sticky toe pads to walk upside down on the ceiling.

* A house fly “hums” in the key of F and beats its wings over 20,000 beat a minute.

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  1. Momgen Reviews

    Ah that is a quite info about insects..I never know about most of them maybe because I did like Science hehhhe..

  2. Ria C

    This is such an interesting info! I think I only know a handful from the article but after reading this post, I now know more. Thanks for the post!

  3. Cheerful

    great information, nice to know these strange facts about insects! thanks for sharing. will share it to my boy, he will be very interested to read this! 🙂 visiting from Comment Exchange Activity of FBF, see you around. 🙂

  4. Gee

    As I was browsing over the pictures, I can't help but sit still and flicked, LOL…they really creep me out but I don't have any bad comments about those people in China who eats insects, but..there you go, I flicked again, LOL…Very informational post though,thanks!

  5. Marriage and Beyond

    Naku my son will go crazy over this particular post. He is so curious about insects and how they thrive! 🙂

  6. Traveling Morion

    This is what I liked in this blog- the Facts! Oh, kaya pag nakagat ka ng lamok- female yun jejeje

  7. Ron Leyba

    Students must know this kind of stuffs. Sometimes, they mistakenly identify insects as animals or vice versa.

  8. Myk Malag

    Whew, a great info here about these insects. So stings of bees are more than snake bites in total, that's odd…

  9. Franc Ramon

    Very educational post on insects indeed. For cockroaches, I wonder how there are more small cockroach variety now than the big one. The small one's are really resilient as they can hide in small corners during fumigation.

  10. dimaks | The Urban Walker

    Back when i was a kid, my cousins and I would go to the forest to look for those beetles.

  11. Teresa Martinez

    I'm such a sucker for good information and I get much from your blog especially about animal life. The good thing is that information is presented in a very easy to understand manner.

  12. ricky bernardino

    I will share this info with my nieces they can use this at school. I'm used to be afraid with insects specially the beetle and bees but I got over it as I grew older =)

  13. Pinoy Chocophile

    Interesting insects no matter how ugly and sinister they may look, still they are total part of the ecosystem that should be protected – too bad bioengineering and other advances in science and technology seems to oversee the important roles of insects…

  14. Mai Flores

    I was actually able to tackle on some of these insects back when I was still a writer for a gardening and worm composting company. These insects are truly fascinating in each of their own ways despite some being not-so beneficial to gardeners and home owners.

  15. jsncruz

    I think I read somewhere that headless roaches can live that long because they have a smaller version of their main brain at the tail end of their bodies. Best solution against these pests: smash the whole insect 😛

  16. ana karen Banhag

    of course my initial maarteng reaction was: eiiww!!! hahaha

    but they are very interesting facts especially this one:

    According to studies, half of all known animals are insects.

    i just watched the feature in GMA7 tv show last week with one Kababayan from Cavite who eats cockroach – as in… must be his source of protein then…

  17. Alwin Aguirre

    i'm sure my friend will find this blog useful for her kids' assignments hehehe… very educational 🙂

  18. che

    interesting fact on the fly, hums in the key of F? haha! I think I don't want to see that biggest cockroach. eeeew!

  19. Sky Summer

    Yup, insects is indeed a good source of protein, and had just tasted my first insect bite (cricket) when we visit Thailand last August. maybe bugs and ants next time. 🙂

  20. Shirgie Scf

    * Insect is a good source of protein so in several countries it is a delicacy.

    Even cockroach?

    No way. I don't even dare touch that insect. But nice facts about insects. I learned a lot

  21. Super Mommy Jem

    Insect as delicacy, I do want to eat insects. I just wanted the taste of honey bee 🙂

  22. Dems

    I'm scared with these insects :'(

    Never ever will I think of eating cultured insects. I just want honey :3

  23. YANI

    The strangest thing that I learned out of your post is that insects can lift objects 50 times or more its natural weight. Awesome!

  24. marri

    Of all these insects, I hate cockroaches. They smell bad, they are dirty and carry millions of germs. Iwwww!!

    I always spray insecticide to eradicate these irritating roaches.

  25. Justin | Hari ng Lakbay

    Thanks for the trivia. I didn't know that half of the insect kingdom are beetles and that the ants never sleep until now. Awesome!

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