House Rabbits

10 popular rabbit breeds that are suitable as pets.

Many families find rabbits as good house pets, especially the children, which see them adorable. Pet rabbits kept indoors are referred to as house rabbits. House rabbits normally have an indoor cage and an exercise pen where they are free to run and have some exercises. When choosing a rabbit for a house pet, one must take into consideration what kind of breed to choose.

Generally, there are several different types of rabbit breeds. Rabbits come with this breed sizes: giant, large, medium, small and dwarf. Some breeds are available in one or more sizes. Also, future rabbit owners must take into consideration the breed’s coat type and need to be aware that the longer coated breeds need daily grooming. Listed below are the 10 most popular rabbit breed that suit well as house rabbits.

Californian Rabbits

42 thoughts on “House Rabbits

  1. anna alfafara

    This is interesting.

    We had rabbits in the past but they don't seem to live that long under our care, I believe they need really focused care and attention.

  2. Lermz Pascoe

    wow they are cute! My dad had rabbits 2 at first, then they became 8! They multiplied rapidly and my dad gave up of taking care of them because its a lot of work (to feed and to clean their u know what) so my dad decided to donate them in the mini zoo (farm) .. They look-liked Polish rabbit 🙂

  3. cheerful

    interesting facts and information about rabbits. 🙂 my kids like them. but we just decided not to have pets for now, maybe when we get settled in one country we can but now that's hard. i don't like my kids to get attached with their pets and later on leave them because we are moving again, although they can be shipped but that will cost a lot. 🙁

  4. NovaS

    i just adore how this rabbits are so cute and fluffy, thank you for the information, at least i have an idea just in case someday my son would want to have a bunny in the house.

  5. Mommy Pehpot

    Dutch Rabbit please! 🙂 they are all adorable but the neatness of Dutch Rabbit caught me 🙂

  6. Gee

    The mini Rex looks pretty funny, I thought it's a small pig, hehehehe…We have a white rabbit and it looks like that one in the picture, 😉

  7. kulasa

    oh am gee they are so cute I can not make up my mind as to whom I love most! I've been telling the hubby I would love to take care of rabbits! showing this to him later and am sure it will finally make him give me yes for an answer 🙂

  8. betchai

    when i was younger, we used to have rabbits for pet and they were so cute, i did not know about CA rabbits despite I live here in CA 🙂

  9. MaryJane Tauyan

    mini loops looks very cute!!! My daughter wants a puppy dog and a rabbit my goodness it would be disaster she wants our house turned into a zoo haha xx

  10. Lorraine Pal

    When I was still a kid I have a house rabbit pet. Looks like a Dutch Rabbit. Now hangang stuff toy na lang ako…haytz…

  11. Sam Lanuza

    Meaning to say we only have Polish Rabbits in the Philippines. I used to have a pair, their names are Peter and Apple but they died. And I replaced them with Guinea Pigs but also died after giving birth. 😀

    I want to have a pet again, we have 2 dogs and a pair of bird now.

    I like the Mini Lops 🙂

  12. Janine Daquio

    we used to have rabbits when i was a kid.. but it always die so we ended up not to pet anymore. i remember the first one is white, then the next is brown. what kind of rabbits are those?

  13. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    Those polish rabbits are super cute. We just went to a petting farm the other day and my pre-schooler has been asking for a rabbit ever since. I'm happy with our cat and dog. 🙂

  14. Erica Villas

    This post is tooooo cute! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I personally wasn't aware of the different types of rabbit to be honest.

  15. Elizabeth O.

    Rabbits are easy to take care of. They rarely make a mess and would normally just hop around the house. It's easy to feed them too.

  16. Lori

    I like rabbits, and I do have pets, though I never had a rabbit as a pet. I remember going to an aunt, in the countryside, and playing there with bunnies. So much fun! I had no idea there are so many breeds that could be great as pets!

  17. Fred Hawson

    Very cute. I never thought there were so many varieties. I will share this post with my daughter who loves rabbits.

  18. Ling Tan

    I have always wondered about having a rabbit as a pet. Heard that they can be toilet trained as well, and are easier to keep happy. My kids really like the Dutch rabbits. we shall see..

  19. Anne V

    Ooooh my fave is the Mini Lops, wish we could get one as a pet but not right now. My toddlers mights accidentally strangle it to death haha. These house rabbits are just adorable!

  20. Mums Babies

    These rabbits are looking really cute little creatures. Wish I can have them someday my kids will adore them.

  21. Mia Foo

    so many cuties! i own a pet rabbit myself, having adopted her from my local shelter. she's born with splayed hind legs but still… a very hyper bunny who goes around destroying my furniture.

  22. Tiffany Yong W.T.

    The rabbits look so cuddlish! My zodiac is rabbit too… so somehow, I feel a connection with rabbits!

  23. lee rosales

    well one of my child hood friends has a rabbit pet and I find it not interesting unlike dogs and cats.

  24. Danessa Foo

    The rabbits looks so adorable. But as lovely as they look, I know it's a lot of commitment to take care of rabbits, as with any other pets. For now, we try not to cultivate the habit of having pets just because my daughter (and I) finds them cute!

  25. Rochkirstin Santos

    I didn't know that there are so many types of breeds of rabbits. The mini lops look so cute like a doll! 🙂

  26. Louise Banta

    I honestly didn't know there would be other classifications or breeds for this animal. They all look the same! Haha. I find the Holland lops cute to take care of. All of them actually looks nice to cuddle.

  27. Fernando Lachica

    I just know a rabbit..just a rabbit but never been learn about the breeds. Nice to know this article.

  28. OY HZ

    So lovely ! ! My chinese zodiac is rabbit too 🙂 But i don't really know how to differentiate between the various breeds.. :X

  29. yvonnembertoldo

    The Jersey Wooly Rabbit looks really cute!!!!! Me and my daughter would definitely have so much fun playing with this.But the Satin Rabbit looks awesome!!! 🙂

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