The Colorful Jumping Spiders

A short description of some colorful jumping spider.

Salticidae: The Jumping Spiders

The jumping spiders include over 500 known genera and more than 5,000 species. Their sizes vary from 3-15 mm (1/8-5/8″) long. In fact, jumping spiders are lovely, with short legs and hairy bodies. They have eyes that are arranged in 3 rows; a large pair makes the first row that focus forward and a second, smaller pair outboard of those, also facing forward and slightly upward. Jumping spiders do not use their webs to catch its meal, but only for protecting eggs and at times an aid while moving about. Gifted with an excellent eyesight, jumping spiders are excellent hunters.

Bold Jumper (Phidippus audax)

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The most common genus of jumping spiders is Phidippus. A large, hairy and colorful species that can grow to an average of 10 mm. long though some species reach up to 15 mm in length. A common species in this genus is the Bold Jumper (Phidippus audax) a large black spider with white marking that are usually seen in gardens and around flowers.

Phidippus mystaceus

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This jumping spider species are mostly found in North America. A distinguishable feature of Phidippus mystaceus is that females who can reach a body length of about one centimeter have ‘moustache’.

Peppered Jumper (Pelegrina galathea)

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This small spider about 4 mm. in body length are often found on flowers. The males can be identified by the black and white complex pattern running in their bodies while females are gray in color and bear complicated markings.

Habronattus coecatus

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This very common jumping spider species are best identified by its stocky body and a longer third pair of legs that are often held close to the body. They can reach 4 mm. in length. The males sport a brighter color with clear black and white markings while females have three light colored marks and some blackish bands.

Phidippus putnami

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This species is found mostly in North America.

Evarcha albaria

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This species of jumping spiders who look muscular mostly come in brownish colors. They are mostly found in Asia, Africa and in some European countries. There are two species, namely: E. amabilis and E. hoyi that are only native in the U.S.A.

Phidippus otiosus

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This species also called Canopy Jumping Spider is found mostly in Maryland, Tennessee, Texas and in Florida. They are tree-living jumping spiders that have a brownish carapace with white hairs along the side. It can grow up to 18 mm. in length.

Salticus scenicus

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These tiny jumping spiders are usually found in human settlements living in walls, window sills, plants and even in fences. They can grow up to 7 mm. in length and their best identifiable mark are its two large front eyes and its blackish hairs that form stripes. Found mostly in Britain and in some parts of Europe, Zebra jumping spiders like to feed on mosquitoes and other smaller spiders.

Myrmarachne plataleoides

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This jumping spider species that are found in China, Sri Lanka, India and in other Southeast Asian countries do mimic the weaver ant. They usually grow up to 12 mm. and primarily live in trees alongside weaver ants colonies.

Lyssomanes viridis

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The Magnolia Green Jumper, as commonly called, is a cute spider usually sporting big forward-looking eyes and an animated green coloring with orange cap. With long legs, this jumping spider is an excellent hunter and can grow up to 8 mm. in length. Found in Florida, North Carolina and part of Texas, Magnolia Green Jumper inhibit in woodlands and bushes.

Phidippus regius

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This species is commonly called the Regal Jumping spider, is the biggest North American jumping spider. Found in Florida and the southeastern United States, males can grow up to 18 mm. while females can reach 12 mm. in length. It dwells in open spaces that include: woodlands, fields and trees.

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  2. swexie

    Funny how a female of one of the spider species can grow mustache. But Myrmarachne plataleoides looks a lot like an ant rather than a spider.

  3. Chubskulit Rose

    I agree with Swexie, it looks like an ant rather than a spider. This is my husband's major fear.. spiders!

  4. Chubskulit Rose

    I am not sure if my comment went thru.

    Anyhow, I agree with swexie, it looks like an ant rather than a spider.

  5. Ria C

    Shivers! I'm scared of critters especially spiders and if you say jumping spiders, then I'm outta here 🙂

  6. Jennie

    Bugs totally creep me out! I guess it's one of those things my son took after me. It gives me the shivers. hehe 🙂

  7. Lainy

    I don't easily freak out when there's critters around but looking at the spiders up close, it gave me the shivers.

  8. Algene

    Here we go again.. Spiders! Yikes! Sorry but I really fear spiders. I didn't know that there are colorful spiders..

  9. Destination Davao

    The only jumping spider I know is color grey and brown. It's the most common spider that I see here at home. I'm surprised that there are colorful spiders in the world.

  10. Cher

    i know a friend who will sure scream just by looking at these photos. hahaha! spideys at its best macro shots. 😀

  11. cheerful

    i'm ok with spiders but looking with these spider pictures closely, made me scared…another interesting post, thanks for sharing!:)

  12. Nova Hedges

    it sounds great, but i never look into your pictures for i adhered spiders at all, the closer look i get the more nightmares and paranoia i get

  13. Rcel

    Ekkk! These creatures made me feel icky! Not that I hate them; I just couldn't bear dealing with them. Lol.

  14. Pepper Tan

    I've never really been a fan of spiders- and I don't intend to be one in the near future! But it's quite fascinating to look at those photos. Who would've thought that spiders had so much individuality?

  15. Jerome Ibuyan

    The Phidippus audax spider looks like a tarantula! While Myrmarachne plataleoides is like an ant. hehe.

  16. Mommy Lexi

    Yaiks! Next to lizards, spiders talaga kinakatakutan ko, specially those dark-colored ones. And the big ones!

  17. Gigi Beleno

    oh! I am not familiar with any of these creatures, I knew just those spiders that can be found at home.

  18. marri

    I don't like the hairy spiders more so jumping ones… I will jump as well and scream. For me, they all seem to be poisonous. I just feel creepy!!


    they look better than the tarantulas I have at home, are they be able to live in tropical countries ours?

  20. Michelle

    And there are many kinds of spiders, too?! Very cool! I already know which website to go if my son has an assignment about animals 🙂

  21. Orly Ballesteros

    I wish I have these spiders because during my childhood I collect spiders and use them in game fights. There are battles I lost but if I have these I may have been the Spider Kingpin

  22. dimaks | The Urban Walker

    They look stunning, wondrous and some of them are fierce too. But all in all they are nature's representative of wonder works.

  23. jason anton

    Childhood days not get me boring by these spiders . I remember i have a lot of them .. but not that kind of colorful spiders. 🙂 gagambang bahay lang po 🙂

  24. Jerwel De Perio

    Ugh. I really have arachnophonia even though I read a lot of things about article trying to face my fear little by little. Sorry.

  25. Ellen Bernardino

    Even though they look cute by looking at them, I'm still afraid of spiders or anything crawling. I have a notion that they will bite and turn me into spider woman… he..he… joke! kidding aside, that they can kill anything they have bitten because they carry a deadly venom.

  26. louiseinthehouse

    These critters remind me how children played with them when I was a kid, using sticks and matchboxes, so epic!

  27. Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    reading this makes me shiver! uggghh, not in my area please.. but then again, we all need to live! lol!

  28. Justin | Hari ng Lakbay

    They all look scary except for Myrmarachne plataleoides. Yes, and it really looks like an ant.

  29. emzkie

    im not sure if my comment went through… but i was saying that when i first saw the first picture, i was like.. eeeekkkk! lol. i am kinda scared of spiders, they give me goosebumps! even the smallest one. lol
    but they are indeed interesting creatures. =)

  30. ralph

    jumpers looks spectacular when zoomed… i was once fond of fighting spiders when i was young. love how they move. Yahweh bless.

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