Best Animal Dads

A list of the best animal dads in terms of child-rearing.

We all know that raising children is mainly the responsibility of mothers, but in the animal kingdom it doesn’t say so. In this article you will be surprised to find out that there are some male animals that are so good in raising their offspring. These fathers show tremendous efforts in providing what is best when it comes to parenting. Below is a list of the 10 best animal father from around the world.


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Barely making it to our list is the ferocious lion. We all know and perhaps seen some documentary films showing how lazy the king lion is. While the lioness and her gang ambush a prey, he is enjoying a fine sleep. When dinner time is ready, he always gets the first cut. But why did I include the male lion in the list, simply put, he is a steady guardian of the gang when he’s awake. Gifted with an eyesight, five times better than human eyes, he can survey intruders coming into his territory and he will surely fight it out to death just to protect his pride that can include six to seven lioness and a dozen cubs.


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This Australian mouse makes the cut due to his total determination when it comes to making love. He is what we may call “Mr. Gigolo” of the animal kingdom for the simple reason that while other males would die to get a little action, this Antechinus male actually dies when he gets a little action. Well, not a little, more like a lot. For the record, this little fellow can spend up to 12 hours mating! That he forgot to eat, drink and sleep. His partner benefits from it, letting herself be filled with sperm that may last until the end of the breeding season.

Golden Jackal

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The Golden jackal which is native to India and what we may call “Mr. Till Death Do Us Part”, for this skillful scavenger unlike other animals stick it out with a partner for life. Another good thing about this guy, he knows how to budget the food resources of the family. He fed his kids with rehearse food. What an ingenious way, don’t you think so?

Giant Water Bug

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This guy from Japan is a strong and a ferocious predator known for catching its prey by injecting a special toxin. Also, giant water bugs have a unique way in dealing with pregnancy, they treat it as a team effort. Females lay their eggs on the males’ back and the males had to deal with them until they hatch which could take a week. Take note, the male giant water bug carries not just a single egg but 150 eggs! (see photo)


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At first glance it seems like that these South American flightless birds have a rather unusual relationship. A polygamous species, the males flirt around females and can keep up to 12 females in one occasion. But before you get mad at these males, take note that these dads know how to share some burdens in rearing children.During mating season, females in an attempt to get some actions from other males have to leave the eggs to its dad. Poor dad, he is tasked to sit it out for two months incubating up to 60 eggs. At times, he has to bear with just two weeks of food supply. The surprising side of this child-rearing task, dad has to take care of his children for nearly two years as a single parent.


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This wily little fish knows how to attract females. He creates a special “love nest” out of a sticky substance produced by its kidneys. Females are trapped and glued once they get nearer to this love nest and mating follows. The male uses this secretion, which is produced by his kidneys, to create a “love nest.” Once built, it’s just a matter of time before the females come a-knocking, but they shouldn’t get too attached. Once the male impregnates a female and she lays her eggs, he leaves her for another mate. But don’t call this dad, irresponsible, he takes care of the eggs, providing them with oxygen-rich and clean air by fanning them at 400 beats per minute for more than half the day—now that’s quite a workout!


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This dad can pass as a circus performer, what with its ability to “walk on water” by balancing on lily pads. And when it comes to relationship this dad is fantastic, making love with his mate in a nest he himself build. But the poor guy, his belle after laying her eggs, abandons him for another guy. Meanwhile, dad remains on the nest, watching over the eggs to protect them—sometimes from their own mother! Female jacanas often return and smash their own eggs.

Giant African Bullfrog

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This dad has a very special way of rearing his children, giant African bullfrog is known to eat all that comes his way and can fit his mouth. This ability comes in handy for this dad since he has to take care of over 6,000 eggs. He will swallow them and keeping them all tucked inside his vocal sacs for six weeks. When the hatching period arrives all he has to do is to vomit and presto, his new little ones see daylight.

Emperor Penguin

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Our next dad comes from the coldest place on earth, Antarctica and is included in the list for his endurance. He is tasked to keep the egg warm while it mum takes a two-month feeding adventure. This dad, in order to keep the egg warm in subzero whether has two balanced it on his leg. What a novel way, don’t you think? At times he will have to ask his fellow males to help him warmth the egg until it is hatched. He too has to provide the baby’s first meal until its mother returns with some fish to eat.

Sea Horse

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Topping our list is the sea horse, a monogamous sea creature and a very special sea creature at that. Believe it or not male seahorses are the ones who get pregnant at times carrying in his body up to 1,000 babies at a time! A tall achievement for a small sea creature, but take note, the male sea horse has been known to eat a few of his offspring as well.

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  1. Lainy

    That Aussie mouse is the man! Hahaha! Very interesting! I wonder kung ang Aussie boys ganyan din? Naku! Patay ako neto. Hahahahaha!

  2. Ralph Marcuss Manarang

    Ang galing naman po ng post ninyo.
    kaso bigla kong di tinapos pag babasa simula ng makita ko yung palaka.

    natakot na ako.

  3. Nova Hedges

    so cute, it is really nice to learn things while you are blogging and i have learned new things again..thank you

  4. Maria Merchediz

    I watched The Lion King and I can say that lions are indeed one of the best animal dads! 🙂

  5. Jonas Labagala

    the lion really is majestic! and such an informative post you have! I've never imagined they would go a long way just to take care of their young ones.

  6. Adeline Yuboco

    Nature can sure teach us a thing or two about parenting. Such a shame though that there are lots of guys out there that, instead of embracing fatherhood, run away from them.

  7. Maritel Ledesma

    really??? now if only the human male can do as a sea horse does, we would not need birth control…heheheh


    I've always been amazed by sea horses. And at the same time, I've always tell myself that the people who said that the male sea horses are the ones getting pregnant is wrong. Haha! i still cant believe it. Also on the bullfrog. its amazing on how he can keep his babies inside him. Haha!

  9. Michelle

    It's adorable how animals can be very good parents. Sometimes, even better than humans. It's all instinct for them – so pure.

  10. Ron Leyba

    Great to see that you put up Lion at the top of the list. I think they are really one of the best animal (not only for being DADS) at the wildlife.

  11. tatess

    These dad's are amazing .We always thought that humans has the best daddy in the whole world but that is now nothing compared to yOUr post.

  12. Vonn Angelie David

    very nice post… thanks for compiling these information for your readers. Commonality I think boils down to 'shared responsibility' even in animal kingdom the rules are simple

  13. markpogi

    This is interesting. I hope teachers with blogs would be able to read this and share it to their students.

  14. Franc Ramon

    I learned a lot from this post from a guardian like a lion to sexually active antechinus and other animals unique way of carrying their young ones like swallowing them.

  15. Grasyah | The Island Mom

    Reading and looking at those photos makes me want to do an outdoor shoot right now.. I am so jealous! Lucky you to have the time and be in the perfect place!!! Keep it up!!!

  16. Teresa Martinez

    This just goes to show that fathers can be good parents in many different ways. Human should take a cue from these animals.

  17. Jerome Ibuyan

    "The Golden Jackal knows how to budget their foods"
    – I smile when I'd read this. For sure he'll be a good father if he is a real human.

  18. Gil Camporazo

    I like the Emperor Penguin. They stand majestically. They're clean and they're like an emperor they personified.

  19. Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    Parental Instincts! I wish humans will have the same traits as these animals have! – esp child bearing! LOL!

  20. Mai Flores

    Wow.. I wish all the guys that hope to be fathers someday would turn out to be like the giant water bug. I mean, not literally. But just the part where it carries the eggs. If only guys could give birth too..

  21. always10list (jrplaza)

    Cool! I'm planning to create a top 10 lists of best mommy and daddy animals. I would really appreciate if I you allow me to based some sources from this post for my future top 10 list in animal category 🙂

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    Three cheers for monogamous animal species! The animal kingdom has likewise a reason to celebrate Father's Day, don't you think so?

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    We love watching the Animal Planet and the penguin dads are our fave! The way they protect their young ones is just amazing!

  25. Mhie Lee

    Wow! that's good to know Lion is one of the best animal dad actually I never thought about it.

  26. betchai

    i would love to think the lion sleeps like a king because he needs all the energy to guard his kingdom like a king. interesting facts about animals who all are wonderful fathers.

  27. kulasa

    I would love to have the vision of a Lion 🙂 these dads are so cool! I love the Penguin family so much 🙂 You made me smile remembering someone up in the clouds I imagine watching over me all the time 🙂

  28. Mari Bella

    Rhea bird is so beautiful and I love it. If I will be rearing a pet I just realized I love it to be somewhat like Rhea.

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    great and interesting post. i like the emperor penguin, they look so cute on the picture that you've posted. 🙂

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    Wow,The seahorse information is new to me. Sana nga ma try ng human males panu magbuntis. 😀

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    this is really a wonderful information…i barely have information about this animals.

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