The Lovable Parrots: Surprising and Exceptional Facts

Parrots are probably the most popular bird pets that usually bring joy and cheer to its owner. But how much do you know about this beautiful and colorful bird. Read on to find out.

Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Their colorful plumage, cute antics and their ability to mimic human speech endear them to us all. No wonder parrots are such favorite pets. Some of its species include: Macaws, Conures, Cockatoos and Cockatiel, Short-tailed Parakeets, Lories and Lorikeets, Amazons and Senegal. Below are some exceptional and surprising facts about parrots. Learn and enjoy.

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Do you know what parrot species are called the “Seven-color parrot”? The honor goes to the parrot species inhabiting the rainforests of southern Venezuela and northern Brazil — The Caique (see above photo). This parrot gets its “seven-color” nickname from the distinctive color of its plumage that includes: yellow, green, black, blue, orange and white.

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There are two separate types of African Greys. The Congo Grey is the most common group and the larger one, but do you know the other type? It is the Timneh Greys. These parrots are smaller and slightly dark and have a maroon tipped tail instead of the Congo’s red one.

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Palm Cockatoos can crack Brazil nuts in their bills.

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Hyacinth Macaw (above photo) that is native to the forests of central South America is the largest flying parrot species. Easily recognized by its blue plumage, Hyacinth Macaw can have wingspans of 130-150 cm. They species population in the wild is decreasing since many are hunting them for pets.

It is not true that all parrots can learn to talk. Wild parrots do not have the ability to mimic human speech, however, there is one species of parrot is the easiest to teach, the African Grey.

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Conures that include nandays, blue-crown and cherry-heads, a popular group of parrots are small cousins of the macaw. They vary in sizes from as small as a parakeet to slightly smaller than an Amazon. Conures are found in Central and South America. One particular species, the Cherry-headed conures, native to Ecuador and Peru, are widespread in San Francisco.

71 species are currently on the ICBP list of endangered species. These include the unique Kakapo and several species of Macaw.

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Lories and lorikeets (above photo) have tongues like a toothbrush. It can collect nectar and pollen from flowers with a brushlike tongue that has hundreds of papillae or little bristles. These brightly colored parrots are found from southeastern Asia to Australia and have the brush-tipped tongues.

No parrots are territorial, though they will defend their nests.

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The only completely flightless parrot in the world, is the New Zealand native, Kakapo or the Owl Parrot. Why, because it is too heavy where males weigh up to 7.7 pounds with females weighing in at up to 4.4 lbs. It has wings, but no breast bone to anchor the large flight muscles.

Ten species of parrot have gone extinct since mankind started keeping specimens in museums.

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Most parrot species are monomorphic, where the male and female have the same coloring. However, one parrot species, the Eclectus Parrots (above photo) are native to the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, northeastern Australia and the Moluccas, are dimorphic. They are unusual in a sense that males and females carry distinct colors. Males are bright green with a light shade near the beak and black lower mandible while females are redheaded with bluish purple breasts and black beaks. To determine the sex of monomorphic parrots, you must get their DNA analyzed.

The feathers on a parrot’s crested head always lay down flat, however the cockatiel and the cockatoo has the ability to raise or lower the feathers on their crest when they want to.

Did you know that all parrots lay only white eggs.

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Quaker Parrots, also known as monk parakeets, are the only species of parrots that build a nest with sticks instead of using a hole in a tree. They are found in Argentina and Brazil. Another unique trait of Quaker parrots is that when it comes to feeding the young chicks, Quaker parents are open to receiving assistance from other “helper” birds.

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Sulphur-crested Goffins and Moluccan cockatoos (above photo) that are native to Australia and nearby islands are the most easily identified among parrot species. Why, because of their remarkable brilliant white plumage. On the other hand, the palm cockatoo is one of the few black-plumed members of this group.

Pygmy parrots are unique in feeding on slime like fungi and algae.

The Spix’s macaw, known for its light blue plumage have been extinct in the wild, when the last wild male died in October 2000. A native to Brazil, Spix’s Macaw prefer to build its nest on the branches of Tabebuia aurea tree. Because of this restrictive habitat requirement plus the fact that these parrots are popular as pets, they are now on the brink of extinction. However, conservation projects are underway and this species survives now in captivity, mostly in private collections.

Contrary to some belief, both parents work together to hatch the eggs and care for the young.

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Amazon parrots (above photo) are among the most popular species to keep as pets. They are very sociable and can mimic human speech.

Parrots are an endangered species because people destroy their habitats and capture them for pets.

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Pionus parrotsare known for being more reserved and quieter than other parrot species. However, when they are under stress, they will make a panting sound and give off a musky odor. These parrots endemic to Central and South America, and can easily be distinguished by their dull green plumage with a patch of bright red feathers on their tails.

Most parrots are native to warm tropical forests, but the Kea of New Zealand is the only parrot species that is capable of living in alpine regions.

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  1. ems

    The Palm Cockatoos reminds me of the movie RIO,my daughter loved it. It's also based in Brazil! So, this lovely birdy is a Brazilian! LOL..

  2. kulasa

    oh, I just love them all! My younger son would love to have a parrot for a pet! He has white doves now and three fishes, our dogs and cats…I can imagine him being wide eyed if I show this page to him tell him he can have one!

  3. Tingting Rimart

    I used to have a parrot in my younger years, but sad to say, it did not last long with us. I wish, I can have one again, but the responsibility to have one is kinda overwhelming.

  4. Tingting Rimart

    This is my second attempt to comment. For some reasons, the last one did not push through.
    Anyway, I used to have a parrot when I was young. Unfortunately, it died a few months later. I was devastated and somewhat traumatized. Someday, I want to have one though.

  5. betchai

    parrots are very fun birds, love to watch them at the safari park, some of them keeps on saying "good morning" despite it is already afternoon 🙂

    and then, they laugh out loud like no other does 🙂

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    I love parrots!!! I remember when I was little, we used to have a parrot that speaks funny. 😀

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    Parrots are one of the most visually entertaining birds. I love the color of that Pionus Bird…hope to go visit the park and see the parrots with my son soon.

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    I love the colors of those birds and I find the cockatoos very endearing.

    I used to have canaries and it's the closest I'll get to having birds as pets.

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    I used to believe that the color of parrots is only red. But when I started visiting my tito's place, I saw his parrots and found out that these pets are co

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    I've only seen few of the one in your list at the zoo. They are so colorful aren't they?

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    I love the colorful parrots in the first and last photos 🙂 INdeed, they can be very intelligent when properly trained. I feel entertained when they get to mimic whatever you say. Of course, one would like to hear all the positives. LOL!

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    I've always wanted to have a parrot. I just didn't know there are many kinds of parrot.

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    I have seen some of those varieties when we went to Malagos Resort in Davao. I like the Timneh greys. 🙂

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    The Palm Cockatoo looks badass. I can imagine myself owning one and if lucky, I'll have it trained just resting on my shoulders and maybe singing a song so we can walk down the street so I won't have to bring an MP3 player with me lol….

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    My nephew's 1 year old son actually loves birds, particularly Parrots. I wasn't sure what kind it was (when we visited the sanctuary in QC Circle). But he was definitely smitten with the birds. 🙂

  16. Cheryl Zamora

    I love parrots. I just love how they mimic our speech. I remember back in college, I always get a good morning from a parrot in the neighborhood 🙂 Seemed to be my way of starting a good day.

  17. Cheryl Zamora

    I love parrots. I just love how they mimic our speech. I remember back in college, I always get a good morning from a parrot in the neighborhood 🙂 Seemed to be my way of starting a good day.

  18. Mark Joseph Gesite

    Great info about different parrots, I've seen some of these before. I also like how some parrots can mimic what we say. I've heard parrots say 'pangit' and 'hello' to passersby hehe

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    Parrots are always nice to look at. that grey colored parrot if i am not mistaken I've seen it from a documentary and its quite rare.

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    Wow! I didn't know there are a lot of parrot species! Anyway, we used to have a parrot named Peter, but he didn't live that long. I wish we would have another parrot pet soon.. 🙂

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    I so love parrots… In fact that is my favorite type of bird. Not only they are cute and awesome, they are also smart. I used to have a pet parrot but it was gone too soon.

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    among those species of parrots , my fav is the Phil. cockatoos because ive seen one came out from its egg during hatching in one of the rescue center in the Philippines . simply adorable creatures.

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    I had a first hand experience with parrots during our blog boot camp at Malagos Garden where I had the chance to pose with a parrot in my shoulder after their parrot show.

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    I miss Kenneth, my fathers parrot. Parrots are very special creatures. They're born to be adorn and to be loved.

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    We used to own a parrot before when i was on 4th grade. I didn't appreciate much on having pets before so I just can't really remember what happened to him.

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    We had a neighbor's parrot then and we were astonished how these parrots mimic our speeches. How much do you think a couple of parrots sold in a market?

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