Colorful and Witty Pet Parrots

The parrot is a lovely companion for both the young and old. It could turn out to be an excellent pet given the proper training and attention.

African Gray Parrot

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Our first parrot in this group is the African gray parrot, known to be such talented talking parrots. There are two subspecies of African Congo Gray Parrots namely: the Congo African Gray Parrot and the Timneh African Gray parrot. Congo African parrot grows to about 12 in long with black beak, light gray plumage and dark red tail. While the Timneh subspecies is much smaller with a darker plumage and a darker maroon tail.

This parrot is capable of mimicking not only human words but have been documented imitating other manner of sounds, including the ability to whistle, squeak, click, shriek, etc; African gray parrot is also known for its feather plucking activity. Boredom, stress and improper diet may have something to do with this abnormal activity. Studies show that the intelligence level of African gray parrot equals that of a five-year old child.

African Gray Parrot can be an excellent pet because of its sociability and intelligence. However, prospective owners need to spend more time with the bird so as establish solid bonding. A good way to build up and gain your pet’s trust is to fly the parrot on your fingers and take it for a stroll around the house. The life expectancy of African gray parrot is about 40 to 60 years. But bear in mind, having an African Gray (or any parrot) as pet requires a lifelong commitment.

Amazon Parrot

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There are 27 extant species of Amazon parrot, found in South America, Caribbean and parts of Mexico. It can easily be recognized by its short wings and green plumage. Amazon parrots grow to about 36 cm and its common diet include fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Amazon parrots are good at imitating human speech and mimicking and other sounds. Some species like the yellow nape, double yellow heads, and blue fronts are good talkers and can also be good singers. They are popular as pets since they are loyal, sociable, energetic and playful. However, Amazon parrots are not for neophyte owners since they demand more attention than other house pets.

They need lots of interaction with its owners and at times flash moody characters. Amazon parrots are challenging pets for often they are aggressive, stubborn, quiet, jealous, silly, playful, or irritable. Owning one is just like owning a winged-dog. Studies also show that Amazon parrots have the intelligence of a three-year old child plus the temperament of a 50-year old adult.

Eclectus Parrots

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Eclectus parrots are brilliant and sleek birds, native to northern Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea and neighboring islands. There are two popular subspecies namely: the Vosmaeri that are larger with elegant look and the “cute” looking Solomon Island variety that are smaller in sizes. Eclestus parrots are known for their brilliant color where males have green feathers with green primaries, while females sport bright red or purple/blue plumage.

In the wild, Electus parrots diet includes unripe nuts, fruits, flowers and seeds. While in captivity, they feed mostly on fruits such as; figs, guavas, mangoes, melons, bananas, grapes, apples, pears and other citrus fruits. These amazing birds are sought after as pets. When trained properly at a very early age, they have the ability to develop a cognitive behavior. They are very animated and enjoy taking part in daily activities.

Quaker Parrots

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Quaker parrots, also known as monk parakeet are native to South America and widespread in Brazil and Argentina. Mostly, they have green plumage with shades of blue in its flight feathers and tail’s tip. They are medium-sized, weigh from 80 to 150 grams and grow up to a foot from beak to tail. Quaker parrots can live up to 20 years or more.

Quakers are confident, energetic and very sociable birds. They suit well as pets for these birds are very loyal, gentle, charming, playful and are capable to imitate human speech. Quakers are known to be extremely good eaters and feed on fresh vegetables and fruits.

Senegal Parrots

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The Senegal Parrot is found in West Africa, Gambia and Guinea. It is about 23 in long from beak to tail and weigh from 125 to 175 gm. Senegal Parrot can easily be distinguished by its large head and beak and a short tail. Its staple diet includes fruit, seed and flowers. Adults have gray head and beak and shiny yellow iris

Senegal parrots can make excellent pets and are quieter than other parrot species. These cute birds can easily imitate human speech and other audible and clear sounds. They do mimic, but are more adept at sounds than clear speech. A good apartment pet, Senegal parrots are very affectionate, charming, comical, entertaining, highly trainable and bond easily with their owners.

Those interested in owning a Senegal Parrot should be willing to make time for handling and socialization with the bird every day. The more you interact the more a Senegal parrot will relax and obey you.

34 thoughts on “Colorful and Witty Pet Parrots

  1. betchai

    i love parrots, not only it is funny listening to them, but they also look super cute birds and I believe witty and funny 🙂

  2. mhie@smarlk

    Amazon Parrot and Senegal Oarrots are the most popular I think.I seen those pretty guys on the zoo.

  3. jenn

    oh i love parrots. i bet it would make my son's day if we would give him one in the future. 🙂 he loves birds.

  4. Rovie Aguis

    I so love to have a colorful parrot but knowing me, I am only good with playing with them and not with taking care of them. Hehehe

  5. Rcel

    Oh… there's the amazing birds!!! I love parrots! We used to have a neighbor who has two of them and it was always a fun morning every time they imitate everyone near them! 😀

  6. Lainy

    I love to have a parrot pet for a change. We've only had dogs and we had no complaints. I would love the idea of a pet who can mimic what I say, LOL!

  7. Anna

    I have the one dream to listen to a parrot talk in front of me. Pero di yung parrot na nag ba-bad words ha hehehe 🙂

  8. raine

    parrots are such a lovely sight to see that children are always fascinated by them. If i can afford one and if my son would love it i'll have one for a pet 🙂

  9. cheerful

    i am always fascinated with the beauty of parrots and how talkative they are, hahaha, didn't know there are so many of kinds of it. thanks for sharing interesting information again…i like the eclectus parrot the most! 🙂

  10. mhie @ Travelentz

    If ever I will have another pet I would love to have the amazon parrot.It looks cute.hehhehe

  11. Travel Quest

    I love the talking parrot and i will love birds no matter what kind. My dream is someday to have a birds feeder in our backyard hopefully it will happen soon.

  12. betchai

    i love parrots, i think they are funny birds, they sure can lift your mood up especially when you are feeling the blues

  13. Dhemz

    my niece in-law used to have a witty parrot…it won't stop whining and talking…:) I found them cute but annoying…lol!

  14. Lainy

    We have birds alright but it's not talking. Parrots are still amazingly smart and witty. Hehe!

  15. Sef Tiburcio

    my father is a bird-collector, i think he will love this cute species of parrot. 🙂

  16. Dianne

    Parrots! They are smart birds. I had the chance to take a picture with a parrot at Manila Ocean Park. 🙂

  17. Rochkirstin Santos

    I have seen these colorful parrots when we went to Malagos Resort in Davao and they are really beautiful! 🙂

  18. Orly Ballesteros

    I love birds. I have an african love birds and soon because of this may try Parrots:)

  19. Cheryl Zamora

    Parrots are I think not a boring pet since they can be entertaining and beautiful to look at 🙂 I wanna have one someday 🙂

  20. Sarah Jean

    It's really fun having a parrot pet in your house, we once had one and i tried to teach some talking lessons but i gave up. Hope to one again someday 🙂

  21. Lady Patchy

    I always want to have a talking parrot in my yard, they are cute. I like the Senegal parrot.

  22. Sumi Go

    I love parrots! We had one when I was little. His name's Peter, but he unfortunately passed away 🙁 Hopefully I'll get to take care another parrot soon.

  23. MaryJane Tauyan

    i've seen a lot of parrots already! but dont really know whats their name looking at this lists gives me that enough knowldge to identify haha

  24. Francis Balgos

    The Eclectus Parrots looks divine!
    I love these colorful birds, except for the noise that they can make.
    I think they are a relaxing companion that demands a lot of attention.
    This post reminds me of the animated movie Rio.. 🙂


    I used to have a neighbor with a pet parrot and it never fails to amuse me. It says the weirdest things that will really make you look back :))

  26. DiaryniGracia

    I always want to have a talking parrot. My mom loves parrots because she grew up with one. It is very good luck to have these kind of bird in your home.

  27. joy | chemist2writer

    I love the amazon parrot 🙂 I've always thought that green parrots are cool and wanted to have one when I was a kid 😀

  28. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    We used to own a parrot before when i was young. And it's funny we names it Parrot. HAHA

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