Believe It or Not: 30 Fascinating Facts About Animals

A short but interesting and amazing facts about animals.

The animal kingdom is full of strange, interesting and amazing facts. Read on to learn 30 fascinating things animals can do, traits they alone own and amazing facts good to be included in the Animals Guinness book of records.

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* Its not true that moths are attracted to light; moths fly in search for the dimmest point behind the light.
* Believe it or not, Scutiger coleoptera, a species of centipede can travel up 5 mph over short distances.
* Lobsters can move up to 25 feet per second under water.
* This is simply amazing, do you know that A mosquito actually has 47 teeth.
* A housefly could be a good singer, Why? It hums in the middle octave, key of F.
* Poor dragonflies, they have a short stay on earth, most of them die after 24 hours.
* Depending on the type of species, a grasshopper’s eardrum can be found either below its abdomen or on its forelegs.
* And how about a shrimp”s heart. You could locate it its head.
* Would you believe that while the head is attached to his body, a male praying mantis cannot have sex. In order to copulate, his partner must initiates sex by ripping his head off. Isn’t it a weird sex ritual?
Scorpions are good models for “Glow in the dark’ products because literally they glow under dark.

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* Camels are animals characterized with a straight spine, regardless how many humps they have.
* In order to produce a ton of milk per day, you should have 60 cows in the farm.
* Almost all land mammals are built with body parts that can help them jump aside from elephants.
* Female elephants carry baby in their womb for two years.
* Contrary to the common belief that tigers only have striped fur, these animals also have striped skin.
* Yaks are some of the few species that can survive in places that have an altitude of around 20,000 feet.
* Keratin (also known as compressed hair) is the most important substance to the horn of a rhino.
* Polar bears belong to left handed animal species.
* Komodo Dragons, a kind of monitor lizard, has similar features with a real dragon. It can grow as much as four meters and its weight can reach 250 pounds at the most.
* The Nine-banded Armadillo (also known as Peba) can produce offspring of either four female or four male little armadillos.

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* Reindeer Can survive extreme weather condition simply by eating moss. Moss keep their body warm and help them to survive.
* Contrary to common belief, Beavers are not vegetarians. They favorite diet include among others, small aquatic animals, leaves and bark of hardwood trees.
* By its sturdy built, pigs literally can look up into the sky.
* Bats are orderly mammals, they always turn left when going out of caves.
* On average, a baby blue whale adds more or less 200 pounds a day during the first seven moths of its life.
* This is one for the record, do you know that to aid them in digesting food, crocodiles need to eat rocks!
* A shark egg holds the record for the biggest egg on earth.
* Three months of continuous sleep is all a snail needs to last the next three years without eating.
* Goldfish are shy creatures, it will turn white if it is kept in a very dark room. Also, it has a very poor memory that lasts for three seconds.
* The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world.

27 thoughts on “Believe It or Not: 30 Fascinating Facts About Animals

  1. Mari Bella

    These supplies information that are amazing, I just do not know some just like the gold fish turned white..until I read this blog.

  2. Rcel

    Interesting and amazing facts they truly are! Makes me more in awe of my God Who created all things good. 🙂

  3. Mari Bella

    Aw the shark, it is indeed mighty that it can hold the biggest egg in the world. I already sent comment to this post but I just love to add more. 🙂

  4. ana karen Banhag

    these are very interesting, really! I have to go back several times to each (and laugh sometimes) as i heard about these facts just now except for the goldfish memory. But how amazing these facts are that we we wouldn't think about those surprising truths when we see them everyday. hihi

  5. Cheryl Zamora

    I wonder how elephants are able to carry a baby in their womb for 2 years, I can't imagine that in humans. Hahaha! And believe me, if I didn't read this post I wouldn't know all these facts. I'm even like, Kuya Kim ikaw ba yan? Hihihi. This is a nice read. Some are weird, some are funny, some are just simply awesome.

  6. Sky Summer

    Wow, 47 teeth eh? no wonder mosquito bites is really painful and irritating, nice to know these animal facts.

  7. MaryJane Tauyan

    omg! mosquito has 47 teeth! that sounds real scary for me and scorpions sounds very interesting too!

  8. Rochkirstin Santos

    This is a really great list of trivias about animals. The one that struck me most was that the lobster can travel 25 fps! Whoa grabe un. I would just like to have it as my transportation and I can like travel around the world in a month? :))

  9. Shinigami Mae

    cool. I really like reading random facts about animals. really good read, thanks for sharing!

    it's really shocking to know that elephants carry their unborn for two years, and humans complain for 9 months. lol

  10. Mommy Pehpot

    if Goldfish has a short memory, sila pala ang dapat barkada ni Dory sa Nemo 🙂

  11. Franc Ramon

    I'm amused at a komodo dragon because it's really saw big. I saw one in Sydney. It's like seeing a friendlier crocodile.

  12. Berylle Kaye Hong

    interesting facts indeed.. i really enjoy reading these kind of stuff. 🙂 I'm 30 facts wiser than yesterday hahaha! 🙂

  13. Riza Acebuche

    Really? The mantis' partner should rip off first the head before copulating? How lucky I am not a mantis 🙂

  14. markpogi

    Wow! More facts! Bookmarking your blogs for me to share this with my 2 y/o girl. ^_^

  15. Justin Buenagua

    didn't know that a goldfish's memory can last only to 3 seconds… that's kind of sad..

  16. Joy Calipes-Felizardo

    "grasshopper’s eardrum are below its abdomen or on its forelegs" God does amazes us all the time with His creations!

  17. Michael Macalos

    woah! female elephants carry their babies in their wombs for two years?!!!! amaaaaaazing!!

  18. ♣ lily ♣

    Nice pieces of information! I feel sorry for the dragonflies who only get to live for 24hours. 🙁

  19. Teresa Martinez

    It is always good to discover new information about animals. There is really so much to learn about them.

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