Teacup Pig–cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

Don’t ever mistook them for piglets – and even if they “grew up”, they will still remain “small” pigs. Meet the Teacup Pigs!… the cute miniature pigs that never grow up.

The Teacup Pig, also known as the Pennywell Miniature Pig, is a small breed of pig that was developed at Pennywell Farm in Devon, England. A newly born one, weigh about half a pound and can fit into a teacup. An adult Teacup pig grows to about 12 -16 in. tall and weighs approximately 64 lbs. As pet, Teacup pig is now gaining popularity among celebrities. When sold as pets, these pigs must come in pairs. Why? … because these pigs need companions to deal with harsh winter nights. Due to high demand and the limited supply, Teacup pig average selling price is $1,100 each.

In 2007, Chris Murray (the breeder), introduced the first Teacup pigs to the public. It is reported that Teacup pig originated from Kune Kune pigs, a New Zealand type of pig, and is the product of a laborious 9 year breeding program.

Teacup pigs are highly intelligent pig and are easily motivated by foods. However, they too can easily get bored if not given the proper stimulation. According to experts, teacup pigs are social animals; and if they are kept in pens, they become quite irritated and may spend a miserable adult life.

Teacup pigs make fantastic pets and some celebrities owned or adopted one. Victoria and David Beckham adopted a Teacup couple in $2,300, whom they call Elton and David. Other celebrities that owned or adopted Teacup pigs includes; Paris Hilton, who bought just a single pig and Rupert Grint, who in 2009, adopted a pair of this miniature pig.

Teacup Pig video

29 thoughts on “Teacup Pig–cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

  1. nova hedges

    Those are the most adorable pig I've ever since in my life! i never thought that pigs should always be good, teacup pig is something i might consider to be pet someday.

  2. Dhemz

    Cutie piglets! Makes me want to cook them…letchon! Just kidding….these are the kind of pigs that people keep as a pet.

  3. Algene

    And all those years, I thought na dog species lang ang may mga kinds na di lumalaki. Pati rin pala ang mga pigs 😀

  4. petroleumjelly

    aw! these babes are really cute. they say pigs stink but if i have little pigs like this i think i can cuddle them like puppies:)

  5. Poems Love Stories

    actually when I read about this, and one should buy a pair of these tea cup pigs, i was intrigue with the two photos above, why 3? hmmm… love triangle hahahaha

  6. Eds

    This post reminds me of Babe Pig in the City, it's a movie about a cute little pig, those pigs are really cute hehe

  7. Monnel Espiritu

    Oh my god I never saw cute pigs like them. I taught they were baby pigs but tea cup pigs pla cila. Hope to see one in person 🙂

  8. Jonas Labagala

    First time to hear about a miniature animal all I know is a "BONZAI" in a plant. But this teacup pigcute miniature pigs are so amazing.

  9. RM Bulseco

    This is really unique! To have a teacup pig as a pet would be really cool! But I hope no one thinks of bacon.. 😀

  10. Riza Acebuche

    omg I never knew teacup pigs even existed! And even David and Victoria adopted a set.. calling them Elton and David LOL.

  11. Rochkirstin Santos

    Haha ang cute nila tignan! Napaisip tuloy ako how some people treat a pig as one of their pets. Paano pag lumaki na sila? Lilichonin nila?

  12. Genzel Kisses

    Whoa Paris Hilton must have a small barn already in her home for keeping so many pets and unusual ones such as this pig.

  13. MaryJane Tauyan

    wow super cute! Never thought there are pigs like these! I like pets that are super small, 😀

  14. Shirgie Scf

    all of them looks adorbs!! i cant believe we pigs that so cute haha well they are too cute indeed

  15. Carl | Vegetarian Blogger

    so cute, I don't think they are edible too. It will make me feel like eating my pet dog when I cook one of this miniature and cure pigs…

  16. Anonymous

    Cute pig! This post reminded me of Babe—the pig in the city! I'm sure they can be great pets like dogs.

  17. Renee

    This is so completely untrue and contributes to the thousands of pigs that are discarded after owners decide they’re too big. There is no such thing as a teacup pig, average mini pigs grow to 150-300 lbs. If you see them smaller it’s because they are young. A pig can continue to grow until they are 4 to 5 years old. Breeders breed very young pigs that are not even done growing. Please do your research!

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