Flash Report: Animals Seen Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

A local news agency has shown pictures to prove that the unverified report about animals celebrating Valentine’s Day is indeed true. Read the full article to learn more.

I got you on this one! Just trying to catch your attention. But what if… animals do celebrate Valentine’s Day. How will the celebration be? Where and when this Love day be held? Questions that only the creative mind can give answers. But one thing is sure; just like humans, animals do know how to express Love in their intimate ways. Go, check out the pictures below.

Love is seeing yourself in the face of others.

No one will break us apart, not even zoos.

Your hug is all I need, in this cold surrounding we live in.

Stallion: Here we go again, playing this “catch-me-if-you-can” love game.
Mare: Sure does, good ol’ activities never die and so is true love.

Roses are red, nectar are sweet, but they are nothing compared with you.

Fear loses its fangs, whenever I am in your wooly shoulders.

They say, stars belong to the sky, how come you are here.

Walking in the rain with you is sweet, But dancing in the snow is far more sweeter.

No words will ever define love, but a kiss do.

I have been held helpless when Cupid pierced your heart. But this time… I promise, no surgical tools will ever touch your skin.

24 thoughts on “Flash Report: Animals Seen Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

  1. Rochkirstin Santos

    Those animals are so cute! People who don't get to celebrate Valentine's Day just because they don't have a partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife) should be inspired by animals. This season is all about showing love to one another.

  2. Raine Pal

    Super love the cat and the frog! Animals express their love in a different way. I notice that when I got the chance to stay in a zoo for awhile, we have this subject in college in biology that we need to see the emotional side of the animals.

    (1) COMMUNICATION>> For examples: THE MONKEYS, after a fierce fight they show their love by grooming each other. And they communicate by hugging.

    (2) SWAN >>> I saw this one with my two eyes. I experience when one of the swan died. And after one partner of the swan died, they show their affection, love and sympathy by being alone. According to the veterinarian assigned in that zoo, she told us that they will remain along as long as they live.

    (3) CATS >>> They lick each other to groom and to bond.

    I have many things to say but these are our observation during our project.


  3. Prasad Np aka desi Traveler

    Really good photos and totally in sync with the spirit of Valentines day…loved the monkeys the most…

  4. Asti Astii

    I've never seen these pictures before until I viist your amazing post. Thanks for sharing. Not only human that have LOVE, animals have some love to other creatures also.

  5. Tiffany Yong W.T.

    Aw, sweet couples… Imagine human doing similar photoshoot post as the animals… It will be sooooo… funny!

  6. Gil Camporazo

    Not only humans are passionately expressing themselves especially this Valentine's Day, animals who are prompted by their instinct do manifest their affection too.

  7. Fred Hawson

    Love is all around indeed. I love the polar bear picture. Nothing like a good hug from your love to warm a cold wintry day.

  8. Vanessa

    These amazing pics come as a proof that tenderness exists between animals as well. Love these cute images showing affection and love!

  9. Raymond Vasquez

    Ahahaa even animals joined the Valentines celebration! lol! I'd love to share this to my friends.haha just for fun, specially to singles! lol! Great cute pictures!

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