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10 Intriguing Devil Animals

What’s in a name? Glancing at the article title, ‘10 Intriguing Devil Animals’, probably your initial reaction would be — that the list presents terrifying, frightening or cruel animals. You might be right or totally wrong. One thing is sure — after digesting all the information you will definitely agree with the author that the […]

10 Charismatic Animals Whose Names Begin with The Letter D

From the fascinating mallard ducks to the gentle Dugongs, these animals whose names start with the letter D simply capture the imaginations of many. The animal kingdom comprises more than two million species; some beautiful and colorful while others are odd-looking and bizarre. If you are asked to name 10 popular animals that begins with […]

Animal Kingdom: The Eating Machines

Gluttony is frowned upon in the human world. Is it the same for animals? With the current influx of information campaigns against the danger of obesity, many are now aware and started to be conscious of their health. But how about the gluttons in the animal world? Sad to say, its just a way of […]