10 Elegant and Graceful White Birds

These birds are simply elegant, graceful and dazzles in their pure white plumage. Check them out and learn interesting facts about them as well.

1. Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) is the largest swan native to North America. The species preferred habitats include large rivers, lakes, and ponds. The adult Trumpeter Swan is all white in plumage with a long, straight neck. Legs, feet and wedge-shaped bill are black. Fully grown usually measure 138–165 cm (4 ft 6 in–5 ft 5 in) long and weighs typically 7–13.6 kg (15–30 lb).

2. White Tern

White Tern (Gygis alba) is a medium-sized seabird with white overall plumage. The species is found across the tropical oceans of the world. They build their nests on coral islands, usually on trees with small branches and on rocky ledges. White terns, also called the Fairy Tern has dark eyes and black eye rings and a long black bill. It has a notched tail, blue-gray legs and blackish feet with yellow webs between the toes. Adults measure 28-33 cm long with a wingspan of 66-78 cm and weigh 100-140 g.

3. Philippine Cockatoo

Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia), also known as sometimes called the Red-vented cockatoo or Katala, is a critically endangered species of cockatoo that is endemic to the Philippines. The species are found in lowland, mangrove forests, and often seen in forest edge and open fields. This beautiful parrot has perfect creamy white plumage with red and yellow feathers around the vent. Adults have a grayish-white bill, short erectile crest, pinkish-washed ear-coverts and lores. The Philippine Cockatoo typically measures 28-33 cm (11-13 in) in length with a wingspan of 70-87 cm (27.5-34 in).

4. Great Egret

Great Egret (Ardea alba), also known as the common egret, is a large all-white heron widespread in North American wetland. This tall, long-legged wading bird has yellow eyes and a yellowish-orange dagger-like bill. A dazzling sight to see, the elegant Great Egret has long, S-curved neck, black legs and feet. The adult can measure 80 to 104 cm (31 to 41 in) in length and have a wingspan of 131 to 170 cm (52 to 67 in) and can weigh from 700 to 1,500 g (1.5 to 3.3 lbs).

5. American White Ibis

American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) is a medium-sized wading bird found from the mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the United States and also occur in the Caribbean. The species habitat includes coastal freshwater, saltwater and brackish marshes, lagoons, mangrove swamps, mudflats and rice fields. This elegant and graceful bird has overall white plumage with pink facial skin, long, down-curved, bright red bill and long red legs. Adults measure 53 to 70 cm (21 to 28 in) with a 90 to 105 cm (35 to 41 in) wingspan and weighs from 592.7 to 861.3 g (1.307 to 1.899 lbs).

6. Red-tailed Tropicbird

Red-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda) is a medium-sized seabird that nests across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has silky white plumage, a coral red bill and a small but conspicuous black eye stripe. It has black legs and feet and white tail. The elongated tail has red central streamers.

7. Masked Booby

Masked Booby (Sula dactylatra) is a large seabird which breeds on islands in tropical oceans, except in the eastern Atlantic. The masked booby lives on the open ocean. It only comes on land to breed and raise its young. It has a white body and dark grey facemask. Pointed orange-yellow bill, a brownish-black wings and a pointed black tail. Adult measures from 74–91 cm (29–36 in) long, with a 137–165 cm (54–65 in) wingspan and weighs about 1.2–2.35 kg (2.6–5.2 lb).

8. Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) is a large, white owl with variable black bars and spots. The elegant snowy owl is North America”s only all-white owl. It is easily recognizable by its bright yellow eyes and blackish beak. Full grown measure 52–71 cm (20–28 in) long, with a 125–150 cm (49–59 in) wingspan and can weigh anywhere from 1.6 to 3 kg (3.5 to 6.6 lbs).

9. Ivory Gull

Ivory Gull (Pagophila eburnea) is a pure white gull which spends most of its entire life living on floating pack ice. In North America, it only breeds in the Canadian Arctic. It has black eyes, thick, blue bill with a yellow tip and black legs and feet. Adults measure 44 – 48 cm long with a 106 – 118 cm wingspan and weigh about 520 – 700 g.

10. American White Pelican

American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) is one of the largest North American seabirds. It breeds in interior North America, moving south and to the coasts, as far as Central America and South America, in winter. It has snowy white plumage with black flight feathers visible only when the wings are spread. This majestic pelican has a massive bill, a long neck, and very broad wings. Short legs, and short, square tails. An adult American white pelican measures 130–180 cm (50–70 in) long, a wingspan of about 240–300 cm (95–120 in) and weighs between 3.5 and 13.6 kg (7.7 and 30 lbs).

25 thoughts on “10 Elegant and Graceful White Birds

  1. Chubskulit Rose

    The red tail tropic bird is gorgeous! The egrets are too! We used to wat them in Korea when we go to the lake.

  2. Juliana

    I like all of them. It must have something to do with their color. Nothing beats their pristine white feathers.

  3. Fred Hawson

    I remember the lamp shade when seeing the wings of the Great Egret. It also looks like a fan. The tail of the Red-tailed Tropicbird is like a thread. I wonder if it's soft.

  4. bluedreamer27

    Egret seems to be a favorite in Chinese paintings as well, or is that the crane. I do not get tired of watching them in flight!

  5. Mia Foo

    aww… I love the snowy owl the mosy.. not sure but I think this is the kind of owl that went viral online recently.. the one that is seemingly smiling.. are they always like that? soo cute

  6. Hannah Green

    that snowy owl is so adorable! it looks like it was in the midst of a fit of laughter!

  7. Fred Hawson

    Wow the white tern, i have never seen those before but they are the most beautiful things. All ten of them are so graceful in white though.

  8. Franc

    Swan definitely number 1. Egret so beautiful and graceful in flight. Snow owl so elegant and beautiful to look at as well.

  9. Khushboo Motihar

    White represents purity and these white birds make people feel at ease when I read the article!

  10. Fernando Lachica

    I have always related white to elegance. And, among the list of white birds on this post, the American White Ibis is my favorite and I think it exudes elegance most.

  11. OY HZ

    I love white birds with a splice of red, blue and green. Well, they're all beautiful and amazing.

  12. Sin Yee

    All of the swans are beautiful and my top choice is the Trumpeter Swan. Look! its so graceful and delicate.

  13. Phylicia Marie Pineda

    White birds are so elegant! The snowy owl photo is pretty funny though, it looks like it is giggling / tickled.

  14. lee rosales

    These birds just exudes elegance and beauty. They would really stand out in a flock of other birds.

  15. michelle co

    I had no idea that there was so many other white birds. I just love the color white but when you think of white you automatically think Doves. 🙂

  16. Anonymous

    omy those are really beautiful white birds and most of them are endangered I assume.white tern, red tailed and Phil cockatoo are my faves now

  17. Anonymous

    It is always great and refreshing to look at these species and nice to know that we can still savor their beauty.

  18. Pareoranga

    These beautiful native white feathered birds are spectacular, intriguing, astounding and wonderful delight to observe. I hope there are enough worms, haumie-tike-tike fernroots, fern-shoots and delicacies in our forests for them to eat, along with clean fresh water.

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