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Here Comes the Big Cat!

A list of popular big cats. Cat species in the genus Panthera that include: tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar are commonly called as big cat. Also in this species are cougar, snow leopard, clouded leopard and cheetah. One main trait these cats have that other smaller cats don’t possess is their ability to roar. Though […]

The Carnivores: The Most Exciting and Graceful Animals on The Face of The Earth – Part 2

Carnivores have become well established in all the continents except Australia, which became separated from the other continents before the first true carnivores evolved. In relatively recent times, many species introduced to Australia by man have escaped into the wild, and have formed thriving populations. These include the dingo, or Australian wild god, a descendant […]

Amazing Animals Whose Names Start with The Letter J

Whether on land, water, or air, these J animals demonstrate amazing skills. In search of food or just evading threats, these animals apply different means; sprint, glide, hop, or jump. Whatever the trick is, these J animals have amazing ways to finish the job. Jabiru photo link The Jabiru (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) or the Black-necked Stork, […]