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Seven Animals With Exceptional Sense Of Smell

Science can quantify the brain”s olfactory lobe and count the smell receptor cells in there, but it still can”t qualify a smell in the lab. The human imagination is really constrained regarding animal senses. The truth is, the animal kingdom has plenty of creatures whose senses go beyond what human can conceive. There are a […]

The Carnivores: The World’s Most Fearless and Ferocious Animals

Carnivores are considered the most fearless and ferocious creatures that humans have ever known. They have the built, power and stamina to lord it over hapless prey. These killing machines are gifted with special sensors, including an acute sense of smell, greater eye vision and ferocious teeth that comes in very handy for the kill. […]

The Grant’s Zebra: The Smallest and Most Widespread Zebra Species

They may be small in structure, but their imposing black and white stripes dominate the steamy plains of Africa. Learn more about the fascinating Grant’s Zebra. A member of the horse family, Zebras are any of three species that roam the plains and mountains of Africa. These include the mountain zebras, the Grevy’s zebra and […]

Fascinating Birds: Seven Brilliantly Colored River Kingfishers

The most ancient of the three kingfisher lineages, River Kingfishers are vibrantly plumaged birds with crested heads, long stout bills, short legs and stubby tails. Read on and learn more about these fascinating birds. River Kingfishers is any of various birds of the family Alcedinidae that are widespread through Africa, south and east Asia, as […]

Cute Kittens in a Shoe

12 cute pictures of kittens in a shoe. Awww! What do these cute kittens doing in a shoe. Sniffing, sleeping, exploring – whatever their reasons are, they’re just simply adorable! Scottie: How did you managed to move yours a couple of inches? Cotton: Just grasp the lace with your left paw, move your face forward […]

Teacup Pig–cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

Don’t ever mistook them for piglets – and even if they “grew up”, they will still remain “small” pigs. Meet the Teacup Pigs!… the cute miniature pigs that never grow up. The Teacup Pig, also known as the Pennywell Miniature Pig, is a small breed of pig that was developed at Pennywell Farm in Devon, […]

10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make Your Day

Cute pictures of animals that will freshen up your day. Animal World: Odd couples Monkey: To fly or not to fly, that is the question? Dovey: Still undecided … then go face the tiger, Shakesphere! Butterfly: Care to share some nectar? Bee: Go on, feel at home. Kathie: 2 is a pair; 3 is a […]

Nature Watch – Five Animals on The Way to Extinction!

If no concrete conservation plans are implemented and the global community disregard the warning of time, then it is safe to say that these animals are on the way out, 100 years from now! Sumatran Orangutan photo link The Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) is endemic to Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. This tree-dwelling primate grows to about […]

The Watchful Meerkats – Now You See, Now You Don’t

Interesting facts about Meerkat! Meerkats are such fascinating and a joy-to-watch animals. Here is a list of some interesting facts about the desert “comedians”. photo link Meerkats (Suricata suricatta), also known as suricates, are small, diurnal, burrowing mammals widespread on the plains of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. On average, they weigh about 731 […]

Bizarre Insects and Arachnids: 30 Surprising and Fascinating Facts Part 3

Here’s our final entries on our long list of the most amusing and awesome insects and arachnids in the world. Insects are the most numerous species of animals in the world. Here’s a long list of the most amusing and awesome insects and arachnids in the world. 1.) Wasp photo link Wasps are awesome insects. […]