10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make Your Day

Cute pictures of animals that will freshen up your day.

Animal World: Odd couples

Monkey: To fly or not to fly, that is the question?

Dovey: Still undecided … then go face the tiger, Shakesphere!

Butterfly: Care to share some nectar?

Bee: Go on, feel at home.

Kathie: 2 is a pair; 3 is a crowd; hmmp.. What’s next?

Doug: 4 is the start of infinity.. ha.ha.ha.

Duck: See, I told you. I can beat you in a race, any day of the week.

Turtle: shut up! you one-legged ugly duckling!

Kitty: 98 dogs, 99 dogs, 100 dogs … ah! better shift back to the old reliable method.. 97 sheep, 98 sheep…

Dog: I told you, always stick with the proven formula!

Ostrich: I’m afraid we can’t make it to the other side?

Giraffe: Oh, you animal with little faith. Just let your neck above water… and we can do the impossible.

Hamster:do you to think your family will accept me for who I am.

Creamy: With your expressive red eyes, I think they will.

Rooster: Hey pal, just wondering, who do you think will go next to the dressing room?

Goatee: Ok, I’ll give you a clue. Next week is the annual Chicken Festival…

Spiny: Alas! there’s someone whose not afraid to play with me.

Yellow: You may look weird, but I guess you’re harmless.

Porky: sorry..I thought, you’re a cotton candy.

Roger: Sorry too, I thought you’re a Lechon de leche…

12 thoughts on “10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make Your Day

  1. nova hedges

    Indeed very adorable, the monkey and the dove looks adorable however funny to think…the mouse looks terrified with the cat and two dogs, i mean i believe it is okay with dogs but the cat looking at it? sounds like meal to me…this makes my day for sure.

  2. Raya

    Oh, so cool and heartwarming photos! Thanks for sharing them.. I have a hard time picking up which one's my favorite!

  3. betchai

    first picture brought a lot of smiles right away to my day, and then, more smiles followed as I go down each picture, what cute odd couples 🙂

  4. Jonas Labagala

    What a great relationship between very different animals! My cat and my dogs used to bond before when I was a kid. 😀

  5. Jessica Cassidy

    Ahhhhhhh precious and so sweet 🙂 It did bright my day 🙂 Life is beautiful when opposite animals are friends 🙂

  6. Candyz Nikka

    Oh my, even though they’re odd to look at, they’re all adorable. Love knows no boundaries. He-He.

  7. Marie, shiny pearl

    haha! Love that first picture! I used it as a profile photo before, look at the sheer concentration in the monkey's eyes! omg! My heart melted seeing the kitty under the dog's ear, mooiiii so cute!

  8. Tingting R.

    These are cute pictures. This reminds me of my husband and me. We are an odd couple – physically and personality wise.

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