12 Cute Pictures of Animals Kissing

Kiss… Who started it first, humans or animals? Below are 12 cute pictures of kissing animals that may give you clues needed in finding the answer. Read and enjoy.

She: Honey, the weather is just perfect for some intimate moments…

He: Im too tired and not on the mood right now. Could we do it later tonight?

She: Do you think we’re too old for this kissing stuff?

He: I don’t think so, Love knows no limitations!

He: This is what human call a French Kiss. What do you think?

She: Simply scintillating and irresistible!

He: Your kiss always makes me giggle.

She: Just remember..never to pee on your pants.

He: Got you this time.

She: you stole a kiss away from me, guess… you have to marry me.

Romeo: Are You leaving me now?

Juliet: They gave me with no choice.. so please kiss me for the last time.

He: Why are you always closing your eyes each time we kissed?

She: Oh! It’s just a natural instinct, I’ve seen humans do that all the time.

He: Are you sure you want to do this?

She: With all my heart… because I love you.

She: You are just too aggressive.

He: Sorry dear, I just can’t hold off my emotions.

He: Can I have just one kiss?

She: Get lost! I can’t take your breath?

I now pronounced you husband and wife.. You may kiss the bride.

He: This is what I love most about a “Koala kiss”… done so smooth and slowly.

She: Have you tried a “Kangaroo kiss”?

Now to answer the question “Who made the first kissing act” my answer would be… Animals. Why? Because animals are created by God ahead of Adam.

29 thoughts on “12 Cute Pictures of Animals Kissing

  1. MaryJane Tauyan

    its cool how they get to capture all of this super cute photos!! they look so lovely! Oh just imagine the power of this animals which we can refer to humans too hihi

  2. Bjorn Bernales

    where did you find these pics?

    The first of the monkeys was hilarious. It's like they're having a french kiss. LOL

  3. MaryJane Tauyan

    the first photo os the monkeys and that brown animals meerkats maybe haha their photos are the cutest! you can just see how sweet the kisses are!

  4. sir rob

    The first pic seems really interesting no matter what their position as long as they can kiss each other. While the second one looks like a human being already or perhaps we got it from them?

  5. Ron Leyba

    This is such a cute list of animals kissing. The photographer must have timed everything perfectly to capture these moments.

  6. Justin Buenagua

    The sweetest kiss from these adorable animals is unbeatable! Got to witness one though. 😀

  7. Franc

    the otters look so cute!!! these are really cool pictures! so romantic.. and the captions are funny! haha!

  8. Rochkirstin Santos

    Cutie patootie! <3 I miss the Koalas in Victoria! This just shows that animals have feelings too.

  9. Sky Summer

    Aww sweet! Now I wonder how crocodiles show affection … how do they kiss when they have those sharp teeth? :))

  10. Angie Vianzon

    hahaha! nice dialogues there.
    The idea of kissing was made by man.
    So my argument is man did the first kissing, these cuties here didnt think they're kissing are they.
    Why, there idea of kissing could be rubbing noses,or smelling each other's crotch..
    just a thought! 🙂

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