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Ten Astonishing Facts About Ocean Animals, You Probably Don’t Know

Do you want to know what ocean animal has blue-colored blood or a sea creature that has no heart, lungs, and brain and yet it lives. To find the answers, just sit down, relax and enjoy reading the rest of the article. Blue, blue our Earth is blue.. Yes, since 75% of the Earth’s surface […]

Animals with Astonishing Powers – Part One

Meet Nature’s Super Animals: From the Pufferfish pack with deadly poison, to the Leafcutter ants with amazing strength, to the hummingbirds that flaps its wings with lightning speed; the natural world is full of animals with astonishing skills and amazing powers. Tarsier- Precise Night Vision Possessing enormous eyes that are larger than its brain case […]

The Watchful Meerkats – Now You See, Now You Don’t

Interesting facts about Meerkat! Meerkats are such fascinating and a joy-to-watch animals. Here is a list of some interesting facts about the desert “comedians”. photo link Meerkats (Suricata suricatta), also known as suricates, are small, diurnal, burrowing mammals widespread on the plains of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. On average, they weigh about 731 […]

Animal Kingdom: Masters of The Night

These animals may appear to be harmless during the day, but watch out… when darkness falls, they are extremely active and are known to be excellent hunters! The animal kingdom has true “Master of the Night” creatures. These nocturnal animals gifted with a keen sense of smell, remarkable hearing ability and outstanding night vision have […]

Animal Kingdom: The Misconceptions

From flying fish, dancing snakes to an immortal jellyfish, the animal kingdom is not spared with misconceptions. Read on to learn which is true and which is not. If human have myths, legends and tales to live on, the animal kingdom can boast of some fascinating if not strange misconceptions. From flying fish, dancing snakes […]

Believe It or Not: 10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Humans

10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals. Animals are charming creatures and continue to daze and amaze our understanding with their fascinating abilities. Below is a list of 10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals, that will surely puzzle any person that takes a look. photo link Did you know that humans can hold their […]

Animal Kingdom: Incredible Journeys

By land, by water or by air; these animals perform such incredible journeys for survival. From the, largest, biggest, smallest, fastest; the animal kingdom offers us thousands of interesting, fascinating, amazing or even strange facts. But do you know that some of these animals have to undergo and endure incredible journeys in order to survive […]

Extremely Bizarre and Weird Lizards

Some reptile species are simply colorful and beautiful and some are extremely unique and bizarre. You have already seen some of the most unusual-looking reptiles in the article “Weirdest and Bizarre Reptiles in the World”. It’s time to see extremely weird and bizarre lizard species. Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko The Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) is […]

Fascinating Birds: The Most Skilled Nest Builder

Even with birds, “Practice makes perfect.” Learn and marvel how the Southern Masked Weaver, considered by scientists as the most skilled nest builder, do the trick! Nature dictates that birds built nests as temporary refuge for eggs and young chicks. Many species just simply make one to meet this need. However, there is a bird […]

Top Five Shortest Sleeping Animals in The World

Here are the shortest sleeping creatures in the world. Some animals, like Brown Bats, Giant Armadillo, Night Monkeys and others, spend too much time sleeping. On the other hand, there are animals that spend too little time sleeping. As a matter of fact, according to experts, ‘ANTS’ do not sleep at all. That is extremely […]