Top Five Shortest Sleeping Animals in The World

Here are the shortest sleeping creatures in the world.

Some animals, like Brown Bats, Giant Armadillo, Night Monkeys and others, spend too much time sleeping. On the other hand, there are animals that spend too little time sleeping. As a matter of fact, according to experts, ‘ANTS’ do not sleep at all. That is extremely bizarre!

Asiatic Elephant –Fifth Shortest Sleeping Animal on Earth

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One of the shortest sleeping animals in the world is the Asiatic Elephant. On the average, the Asiatic Elephant sleeps 16.4% or 3.9 hours only of the day. This creature is Asia’s largest living land animal and can live up to 86 years of age.

Cow – Fifth Shortest Sleeping Animal on Earth

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The Cow ties with the Asiatic Elephant on the 5th place as the shortest sleeping animal in the world. Just the same, it only sleeps for 3.9 hours or 16.4% in a day. One of the most animals ever sold in the world is a Friesian Cow.

Sheep – Fourth Shortest Sleeping Animal in the World

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After grazing all day long, sheep only sleep for 3.8 hours on the average. That is equivalent to 16% of 24 hours. There are more than 1 billion domestic Sheep in the world. China has the greatest number, with more than 136 million.

Donkey – Third Shortest Sleeping Creature on Earth

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A Donkey spends 3.3 hours only sleeping on a day. That is just 13.8% of 24 hours. A Donkey is also known as Ass and in the western part of the US, it is called a Burro. A male Donkey is called a jack and a female is a jenny.

Horse – Second Shortest Sleeping Animal on the Planet

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Human beings tend to sleep longer when they are tired. But Horses, after grazing and running all day, only sleep for 2.9 hours in a day. That is merely 12% of 24 hours. Horses have been domesticated since 4,000 BCE and the only remaining true wild horses are the Przewalski’s Horses.

Giraffe – The World’s Shortest Sleeping Animal

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Yes, Giraffes are the shortest sleeping animals on Earth. On the average, this animal with the longest neck and tail only sleep 1.9 hours in a day. That is equivalent to 7.9% of 24 hours. Ooh, how I wish I am like them… lol… You know why? Well, so that I can publish more articles in a day.

Did you notice that all animals with the shortest sleep are grazing animals? Does it mean that vegetarians don’t sleep long too?

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    All countries of the world are facing global warming and shortage of animal we require jungle for norishing the wild animals we should at grow at least one trillion trees so that animal can norish easily

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