Believe It or Not: 10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Humans

10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals.

Animals are charming creatures and continue to daze and amaze our understanding with their fascinating abilities. Below is a list of 10 interesting and unbelievable facts about animals, that will surely puzzle any person that takes a look.

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Did you know that humans can hold their breath for about a minute on average, but it is way off the mark set by a beaver, it can hold its breath for as much as 45 minutes. Believe that!!

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We laughed it off and doubt if it could ever be done when we hear the phrase “You can’t jump over your own head”. But did you know that penguins can actually do it. They can elevate for more than six feet in the air!

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Our mouth is capable of holding to the fullest 1 1/2 cups of water at a single occasion. The volume of water is much too low if we compare it to how much an elephant’s mouth can accommodate. Elephant can suck more than 7.5 liters of water into its trunk at a time.

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For a lost tooth, it will take some weeks for humans to grow a new one. But tell it not to the sharks, for they have the ability to re-grow an entire set of teeth in less than 10 days!

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Cats see six times better than human. While it will take our eyes a couple of minutes to adjust to the dark and have clear visibility, cats have perfect vision in darkness.

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According to surveys, the majority of newlywed couples prefers to have two children in their home during their lifetime. But did you know, that a female mackerel can lay up to five hundred thousand eggs at a single time.

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Housing problems will arise if an ant colony is placed in an average American town. On average, about sixty-three thousand people live in a community. Guess how many ants are there in a typical ant colony- more than five hundred thousand individuals.

Try not to sleep for about 10 days and I guarantee, death will come your way. But did you know that ants do not sleep at all in their entire lifetime!

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On average, health-conscious persons have no problem running 10 kilometers/hour. However, dragonflies will outrun humans, for they can fly 100 kilometers/hour.

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A newborn child averages between three to five pounds. But not baby lobsters, for it will take at least a year for them, before they top the scale at one pound!

31 thoughts on “Believe It or Not: 10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Humans

  1. jenn

    those are very interesting information i have learned here from your blog today. :)it's like im watching or listening to a program of the walking encyclopedia in the PI, was it kuya kim? 🙂

  2. Chubskulit Rose

    So Beaver can pretend like they are dead and escape the predators if they need to hehehe. Wow, 45 minutes!

  3. riz

    i didn't know ants never sleeps. i thought they do because they seem to get lost on my pantry during night time. hindi pala sila natutulog. i wonder where they'd go at night. still gathering foodies?

  4. Rcel

    Amazing, amazing! Indeed, my God is the God of creation! Those animals' skills are not odds! I remember learning the very interesting fact about a beaver. They can sharpen a tree trunk/branch way better than people. 🙂

  5. Teresa Martinez

    These animal facts really put to question the supposed superiority of man over animals.

  6. mhie @ Travelentz

    I heard some of it in documentary channel.My favourite are penguin and cat they're so sweet.

  7. kulasa

    wow, I would love to have the vision of a cat! I didn't know ants don't sleep at all, amazing facts indeed! thanks for making me smile and marvel at the beauty of creation once again! 🙂

  8. Engkantandang Malikot

    Yay! Na-amazed naman ako dun! Ang galing!
    Paps, tanong lang. Apprentice ka ba ni Kuya Kim? Dami mong alam sa animals talaga! Idol ka nga! ♥

  9. Rochkirstin Santos

    I didn't know that we humans can hold 1.5 cups of water. How big is that cup naman? I don't think I can do that!

  10. Franc Ramon

    I guess each animal has a unique trait that makes it above other animals and humans.

  11. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    Oh wow! Ants don't sleep in their entire life, like ever? Grabe, psps! Dami nila magagawa nun. Hehe

  12. Fina Jenny

    i saw in Discovery Channel the record that the man set to stay under water for a single breath is 20 min daw 🙂 but it wont stil go near what the animal can do though..
    pero infairness gulat ako sa shark, is even if they are old cause we humans there are certain stage of our life that we can grow them but no more after that.
    gusto ko yung ability nung ants.. yayaman ako jan 🙂

    the list are really amazing 🙂

  13. Gil Camporazo

    These facts are truly amazing possessed by the animals. But man is still the greatest creation of God. Believe it or not.

  14. Francis Balgos

    I didnt know the first photo was a Beaver untill I saw the paddle like tail..
    Its really an amazing Mammal that can make dams in rivers and makeit their home.

  15. Jonas Labagala

    Wow! These animals do have different specialties and the ants don't sleep for their entire life? That would be so awesome!

    But I do love to sleep though.. hehe! 😀

  16. Riza Acebuche

    They are truly amazing animals! My most favorite are the ants. Really they don't sleep?

  17. serene shikukeza

    These are really amazing facts! My favorite part is the penguin which can jump up to 6 feetQ wow!

  18. Mai Flores

    You might find this funny, but I was saying "wow" all throughout. These are definitely wow factors for me especially about the sharks growing their teeth in 10 days!

  19. markpogi

    If I could hold my breath underwater like the beaver does, I could have took a lot of underwater photos.

  20. Kim Nieves

    Amazing animals talaga! Btw I died after seeing those penguins… for me, they're the cutest animals in the world! =)

  21. joy | chemist2writer

    Wow! Animals are really amazing. If we could have the beaver's ability to hold breath in 45 minutes, I think the seas would also be as developed as the land these days. And I can't imagine a dragonfly flying that fast! Kaya pala hindi mahuli huli kung hindi dadapo haha

  22. Mommy Pehpot

    pag pala ang dami mong pending na trabaho.. ang sarap magwish na maging ant ka na lang.. even for a week!

    so that's the reason why ants are the real hard workers!

  23. Maritel Ledesma

    where do you get this information? Nakaka-believe yung abilidad mo sa research when it comes to trivia. galing!

  24. Sumi Go

    I wish I have a cat's vision. Would love to have very clear sight of everything 😀 Btw, I think the reason for penguins' ability to jump super high is because they're actually kneeling while standing and walking normally. So kumbaga, may enough na hagod sa pagtalon — although this is just my hypothesis 😀

  25. Michelle Banayo

    Me imagining the beaver holding its breath for 45 minutes while looking that cute will make me want to ask him to 'breatheeee'. I don't want him dead!
    That beaver in the photo looks so adorable 😀

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