Dogs Versus Cats: Take Your Pick

Why cats are better than dogs/why dogs are better than cats.

Being an owner of dogs and cats for a number of years, I did make a study about which of the two animals is better to have as pet. And I’ve come to these observations and listed the pro’s and con’s of both animal. In this article we will focus our discussion on the advantages of dogs over cats and vice versa.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs have a great sense of smell

We all know that the first domesticated dogs are descendants of wolfs, and over the years dog breeders inter-breed several known good breeds to produced several varieties for specific purposes. One of them is the Beagle known for its excellent sense of smell. A good company to bring along on a hunting trip, beagles are now use by the police as ‘sniffer dog’ and are trained to tract and detect drugs and explosives by scent.

Dogs can guard you and your home

Some breeds of dog are good in protecting and guarding one’s home, Doberman, German Shepherd and Rottweiler are among the few breeds that suits as guardian dogs. Though some such dogs have earned an unwanted bad reputation over the years, proper training can rid such bad behavior and in the long run these dogs can be excellent and loyal helpers. Have you ask some cat owners if they can tell how many cats have scared the burglars away?

Dogs help people with disabilities

Some breeds are trained as guide dogs for the blind, bringing freedom and independence to their visually impaired owners. In some cases, dogs are also trained to be of aide for those people who have impaired hearing. Some of these breeds include: Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherd Dogs.

They are man’s best friend

Researchers believed that dog is the first animal to have been domesticated, and over the years these friendly and loyal animals have proven that indeed they are man’s best friend. Would you believe that there are cases wherein dogs are brought in to a hospitals as therapy for the patients.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt

It is known that in Egyptian history, early Egyptians domesticated the wildcat. And according to their belief, to ensure that a family can have many children, one should have cats in the home—thus cat became associated with fertility. Ancient Egyptians often mummified their cats and buried with their owners or in their own special cemeteries. Also, cats have influenced greatly Egyptian arts, where cats are the subject of many naturalistic sculptures.

Cats keep themselves clean

Cats use their tongues that are covered with papillae (small bards) to keep themselves clean. like scouring pads, which help them to keep themselves clean. An effective cleaning device, a cat’s tongue is used to comb dirt and dead hair out of its coat. While on the other hand, a pet dog especially those that are long-haired breed, will need a regular grooming and bathing. Adding woes to his owner is the dogs‘ habit of rolling in mud and other dirty places.

Cats can keep pests under control

Cats as we all know are good hunters of rats and cockroaches and in so doing help in controlling pests population. Though there are certain dog breeds that are capable of running after rats and cockroaches, their batting average is way low as compared to cats.

The king of the beasts

Most of us know that the Lion is the King of the Beasts and lion belongs to the cat family. Lion are natural predators, and the male can weigh up to 250 kg and stand 1.23 m tall. By comparison, male lion’s roar is more thunderous and more than that of the dog’s forefather–the wolf.

30 thoughts on “Dogs Versus Cats: Take Your Pick

  1. Algene

    I wouldn't be good at creating a blog for animals and certain facts about them. Kaya hanga ako for someone like you who can provide an informative post easily 🙂

    I'd always choose dog over cat. Hehe

  2. Ria C

    I have always been a dog person. I grew up in a household with lots of dogs and they make great loyal companion, de-stresser, best friend, walking buddy, guardians and protectors. We barely had cats because they don't do much other than be cute (no offense to cat lovers…just my observation) and they are cute but dogs do so much more socializing, interacting and showing their love for their humans.

    We've had Kiddo, a German Shepherd, Princess Diana, a Dalmatian, Ruby – a Boxer breed, Rambo – a cute and fat Pug, Chuchi, an Australian Sheep dog mix, several Chow-Chows, mini pinschers for a long time. They are all over the rainbow now. So our new baby fills up the void they left behind – Millie, our Bichon Frise.

    We also took care of mongrels and adopted them to our home. And one thing I can guarantee is – the LOVE and LOYALTY they gave in return.

    Who wouldn't love them? 🙂

  3. arnold guanlao

    Hehe,I both like them idol. In fact,both of them are our pests. I love your header here idol,cute!

  4. Escape Manila

    I like cats with really cute eys – either blue, green or grey. They are just amazing to be with 🙂

  5. Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    I like dogs and cats at a distance. Lol! My daughter loves cats, my son loves dogs. I love none. My bad. Lol!

  6. jared's mum

    i've always been a dog person, plus there really is something about cats that freak me out. in the meantime, pets are a big no-no at home while the little man is not big enough 😉

  7. Mommy Lexi

    I'm not very fond of both, I have allergies kasi. But I enjoy looking at cute dogs and cats' photos! 🙂

  8. Jonas Labagala

    both of them really are useful but I have soft spot for dogs. Well in fact, I already have 5 dogs and I love them!

  9. Traveling Morion

    I luv cats and dogs but I avoid contact with….because of my allergy:( Indeed, they are man's bestfriend!

  10. Sarj

    We have 5 cats and 2 dogs.But I'm so much fond of cats because they are soooo malambing and true, they keep themselves clean and they keep pests under control 🙂

  11. Little World of Fun

    If my husband would be ask about this he would always choose the cat. Hehehe but If I were to be choose I choose nothing kasi asthmatic ako eh. 🙁

  12. Ellen Bernardino

    I vote for dogs, I never liked cats even before. We are more fond of dogs and in fact right now we have yellow labrador, rottweiler, japanese spitz and shitzu.

  13. jsncruz

    Unless we'll revive cat worship, perhaps not a reason why cats 'are better than dogs' 🙂 I choose dogs. I've had both kinds and dogs just give me much more emotional connection.

  14. gracia

    I am a dog lover, our dogs are so smart and it gets to the point that they sometimes think they are humans, 🙂

  15. che

    ever since i didn't like cats. they annoy me whenever they rub their fur on me. i just love having them in our house because no rats come in to pester us. hehe..

  16. emzkie

    thanks for this info! i love both! but we have cats right now. my kids are hoping to have a dog in the future. maybe when we move to our own house we will get a dog and must train the cats to get along with the puppy, or they might terrorize the puppy. u know cats, their behaviour is unpredictable sometimes. cats are the most stubborn ever. but they are very sweet and cuddly. =)

  17. Pepper Tan

    Personally, I prefer dogs over cats. They're just cuter in my opinion, and they serve a better purpose. No offense to cat lovers out there 🙂

  18. Rcel

    I am not a pet person. Worse, I have a phobia in dogs kasi I got bitten when I was little. I play with dogs still but only those I know I am secured; i.e., wala ng rabies! Lol. I like them both but I don't see myself taking care of either of them. 😀

  19. jem alvarado

    Cute dogs and cats. I like dogs and cats and I think they only have distinction with some of its capabilities and functions. They are both helpful as domestic pets.

  20. Engkantandang Malikot

    Ang cute na po nitong blog mo paps! 🙂 Ang galing ni Ate KM! ♥

    Medyo hindi about sa topic ang naicomment ko! 😀

  21. Dez

    When it comes to security, dogs are really better than cats. We used to have cats in the house and they are sweet but can't stand their poop. Hehe

  22. Michelle

    I once had a puppy and loved him a lot. So I'm going to go for dogs. I usually see stray cats in our neighborhood. So as a child, it gave me an impression that dogs are the ones people take care of while cats aren't.

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