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Seven Life Lessons My Cats Taught Me

I have two cats which I consider not only companion pets, but more of advisers. They have taught me things that formal education deprived me. These cats are more like angels than domesticated felines. I believe God uses them as instruments to guide my way to live a joyful life. Read on to learn the […]

10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make You Smile

Cute pictures of animals that will freshen up your day. Animal World: Odd couples Tigre: You look awfully pale… I told you, sun bathing is good for our skin. Albino: Sorry pal. I’m just preoccupied with my online writing job. Have you read my newly published article about “Hybrid Animals”? Gee: Buster, I think Roger […]

The Lovely and Witty Pocket Kittens

A 2-in-1 article – 12 lovely photos of kitten in a pocket, plus 12 brain-busting questions. They can mesmerize you by their looks, but watch out… they can even startle you with their wits. And if you say, “No, they wouldn’t”, then read on and try answering these kittens questions. Could you help me answer […]

Cats and Dogs Day Out

10 cute pictures of dogs and cats that will freshen your morning. Another compilation of cute pictures of cats and dogs, doing what they know best… Make us happy! Golden Puppy: I can’t believe what I’m seeing? My Dad is in bed with another woman! Kitten 1: Hi..hi..hi.., aren’t they a sweet couple? Kitten 2: […]

Cute Kittens in a Shoe

12 cute pictures of kittens in a shoe. Awww! What do these cute kittens doing in a shoe. Sniffing, sleeping, exploring – whatever their reasons are, they’re just simply adorable! Scottie: How did you managed to move yours a couple of inches? Cotton: Just grasp the lace with your left paw, move your face forward […]

Cats Behaving Wildly

You may at times find cats cute, gentle or amazing. But what about, if you see them behaving wildly? Will you still want to own one? See the pictures below and decide for yourself. Wake up, Sleepy.. you’ve got to see today’s Battle Royale… C’mon Siamese twin… Will both of you just shut up. I’m […]

A Cat’s Tale: Some Misconception

Do you think you know all about cats? Then, read on to find out the truth about 10 cat’s misconceptions. Cats are such wonderful animals that most families adopt as house pets. But did you know that there are some cat’s myths that for decades many people believed in. Read on to know what is […]

Meet The Special Cats: The Rare, The Hybrid and The Mutants

A list of some special breeds of cat. If we talk about cat’s breed, what comes first to our mind are Persian cat, Siamese cat, Maine Coon cat, or even Burmese cats. I will not disagree with the list since the mentioned breeds are today’s most popular breeds of cat. But there are other breeds […]

12 Interesting Things About Dogs and Cats

You think you have enough knowledge about dogs and cats, then this post will prove you wrong. Most of us love dogs and cats and to show our affection, we are taking them as companion or pets. But did you know that these animals possess remarkable traits and behavior that we ought to know. You […]

Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Cats!

10 cute picture of cats that add spice on a Christmas tree. Are you running short of Christmas tree decors? Why not hang or put a cat as deco, just for a change. Who knows, Santa might love the idea and in return put a bagful of toys underneath. My oh my.. free lunch… My […]