A Cat’s Tale: Some Misconception

Do you think you know all about cats? Then, read on to find out the truth about 10 cat’s misconceptions.

Cats are such wonderful animals that most families adopt as house pets. But did you know that there are some cat’s myths that for decades many people believed in. Read on to know what is the truth about these misconceptions.

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Some people think that cats are rubies-free. In reality, most warm-blooded mammals can carry rabies that is why it is best that your pet cats should be given anti rabies vaccination.

Many thought that cat will land feet first on the ground if drop from high places. That may be true, by sheer instinct, cats can accomplish such feat, but in the process may obtain broken bones.

Unlike outdoor cats which are exposed to filthy environment and prone to diseases, house cats are not. That is the case, indoor cats are still exposed to airborne illness. And also, by nature, cats are social able animals so, though you kept them at home there will be instances that it will venture outdoors.

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Some think that whiskers aid cats maintain their balance, Definitely not! Whiskers help cats to feel their surroundings.

Many believed that neutered cats are much stockier that those that are not. But that should not be the case, since cats are neutered at a time that their craving for foods is on the decline.

It is a common belief that cat get tapeworms from feeding on bad foods. Actually, the main cause why cats get tape worms is by swallowing fleas, which is a tape worm carrier.

Another popular cat’s tale is that of garlic, which is a very effective way to get rid of parasites including tapeworms. There is no truth to this myth, adding garlic to a cat’s food will not kill tapeworms, garlic will only make the food tastier.

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Many cat owners believed that by adding milk to their cats’ daily diet will make them healthier. The truth is, feeding your pet cat with too much milk will lead to diarrhea. Milk should be given in moderation.

We often hear from old folks that pregnant woman should never get in contact with cats. Is there truth to this? Actually, some cats can be infected with parasitic organisms which can be transmitted to humans through cat litter boxes. These harmful organisms can cause serious problems in unborn babies. Staying away from cats or litter boxes can solve the problem.

Have you noticed your cat licking its wound. Some say it aids in healing the affected areas. That is wrong! Such licking can further aggravate the wound.

30 thoughts on “A Cat’s Tale: Some Misconception

  1. leighdy

    I never like cats because I quite have an inkling that they are somehow demonic. Eek. 😛

  2. DiaryniGracia

    This is such great post with so much information! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Rochkirstin Santos

    Our neighbor's cat has lived about five lives now after falling through our building. So we're not sure if a cat really can live for nine times.

  4. Franc Ramon

    Cats are very agile which maybe the reason they are said to have nine lives but of course they are also vulnerable.

  5. Mommy E

    Cat are one of the cutest creature in this world but I can't have them in our house because of my kids.

  6. Mai Flores

    These are quite enlightening. We actually have a cat at home. A stray one who just loves hanging out at our house. Never really liked it being around since it keeps brushing its fur on my skin. Anyway, they can also host ring worms. So if they have it, you can get infected by it too, especially if you always have a close contact with the cat.

  7. Lady Patchy

    I like cats but I don't lie it in the house as pet. One reason why I am scared to cat is because of the germs they have, alley cat or house cat.

  8. joy

    Yes! pregnant women should not touch cats, especially their poop because that can be source of a very serious disease which can harm the baby as well. 🙂

  9. Josiet

    I will forward this article to my friend. She might find something useful here but then again she may know everything about cats already. She has about 9 cats (plus about 7 dogs) in her home!

  10. Gigi Beleno

    my son would like to have a cat as pet but we can't because of these risk factors.

  11. Gil Camporazo

    Cats are good domestic pets. However, cat's bite is too dangerous. It is highly risky according to what I read about cats. Cats are not free from virus or carrying of high-risked infection.

  12. Sarah

    I had no idea about those misconceptions. Really? some people think cats are rabies free? Good thing this article can actually bust the misconceptions. 🙂

  13. Chubskulit Rose

    Yep, moderation is the key. I grew up with cats but we never gave them milk hehehe..

  14. Algene May C.

    As what I always say, I'm certainly not a cat-lover kaya eala talaga akong ideas about themmat all! Pero ngayon, I can share the facts and misconceptions to my friends who have cats 🙂

  15. Quima

    My mother and brother love cats, super. We have cats in the house but I never get to carry them like what my mama and brother did. But I like them, yeah! 🙂

  16. lencilicious

    I am scared of cats for some reason. I don't remember touching one even when I was a kid. I heard some of the misconceptions you stated here but some are totally new to me.

  17. Rcel

    Why wasn't there a mention that cats have 7 lives? Haha! That is one of the things I have heard of about cats; that they live very long because they have lots of lives! Lol.

  18. Teresa Martinez

    I had the misfortune of stepping on a cat which was hiding under our car and so my foot was scratched by the cat. I had to endure several vaccinations because of this. My son was also scratched on the arm when a cat jumped out of nowhere and landed on him. He likewise had to endure several vaccinations. It would not be surprising therefore if I am to say that our family do not like cats much at present. It is such a shame since before these incidents, we took care of one stray cat who for one year who came and went at a designated time before he/she finally disappeared.

  19. VernaLiza

    they say cats are like women … They whine when they are not happy, They're totally unpredictable and they rarely listen to you … hehehe 🙂

  20. Chubskulit Rose

    I did not know that about the cat's whiskers, thanks t for the info Kuya.

  21. kulasa

    we have several cats at home and these info helped me a lot to understand them more…so not too much milk for the cats eh so they don't get to suffer from diarrhea, the kids have to know this 🙂 I enjoyed looking at the cat photos…they are such lovely creatures 🙂

  22. Quima

    I don't hate cats but sometimes I'm afraid of them or rather takot akong makagat or ma-scratch nila because of their rabies. So i'm careful before touching or holding a certain cat para iwas gulo. 🙂

  23. Cheerful

    interesting information about cats. i have to share this with my friend, their family have 2 lovely cats…:)

  24. Raine

    I love cats but unfortunately we don't have pet cats in our house because our dogs hate them. Cats are believed to hate getting wet but our old cat at my parents house would sometimes bathe in the rain hahaha

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