10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make You Smile

Cute pictures of animals that will freshen up your day.

Animal World: Odd couples

Tigre: You look awfully pale… I told you, sun bathing is good for our skin.

Albino: Sorry pal. I’m just preoccupied with my online writing job. Have you read my newly published article about “Hybrid Animals”?

Gee: Buster, I think Roger Rabbit has found a new friend.

Buster: I guess…it’s the in-thing nowadays. Look at Kitty, she too has finally met her “dream guy”.

Roger Rabbit: Skinny, have you heard what those two bastards are saying.

Skinny: Don’t mind them… they’re just young and restless.

Big Foot: Careful Raphael. watch your step, the log is a little bit greasy.

Raphael: Okay and thanks. But please, stop calling me Raphael… I’m Leonardo..

Curly: Hey young ones, Get lost! If ever I lay my paws on you, your parents will have a hard time recognizing your face.

Whitey: Cool down Papa… they’re just some silly kids.

Bird: Help!…help!… Will somebody stop what this punk is doing to my poor brother. Goliath, you are committing a big crime, killing an endangered species.

Goliath: Yell on top of your voice.. you bug. no one will ever hear you. And what is this “crime against endangered species”? Just the other day, I saw thousands of your kind hovering my island.

Colored One: We really are odd siblings, we have the same parents, but we aren’t that much similar.

Other One: Your mama fed you with lies. We only share the same mom; but not the same dad.

Goldie: Am I losing my mind, or am I looking at a weird mirror?

Rocky: Ha..ha..ha.. this is how you will look… 5 months from now…

Batman: Hey Robin, watch over the water, Penguin always spring some surprises.

Robin: Okay, partner..all is clear.. Penguin is cooling his head in the icy-cold water of the Arctic Ocean.

Cat: Congrats, Wolverine…we set a new Guinness World Record for the Most Friendliest Odd Couple.

Wolverine: Shut up! I was paid by some lousy people 1000 bucks to do that promotional gimmick.

6 thoughts on “10 Cute Pictures of Odd Couples That Will Make You Smile

  1. Teresa Martinez

    Wow, these pairings are not the usual ones we expect to be photographed together. Nice!

  2. Eileen

    Its always amusing to see a dog and a cat together. I guess if they were raised at the same time in the same household then there's no fighting. 🙂

  3. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    Sooo funny! I like the convo between Big Foot and Rafael. Opps…Leonardo

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