Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Cats!

10 cute picture of cats that add spice on a Christmas tree.

Are you running short of Christmas tree decors? Why not hang or put a cat as deco, just for a change. Who knows, Santa might love the idea and in return put a bagful of toys underneath.

My oh my.. free lunch…

My dream is to scale Mt. Everest. This is a good training ground.

Cat 1: I said “Don’t move… We are hired to act as stuff toys”

Cat 2: Sorry buddy, but I’m mesmerize by those bright blinking lights.

No, I haven’t conquered Mt. Everest. The photo was just pasted upside down.

Toy: Look into my eyes. you are now under my spell.

Cat: Stop that craft.. It ain’t gonna work for me.

I love red, but my favorite color is blue.

Thanks Master… Now, my lovely whiskers shine.

It’s true.. I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause.

What? You taught, I’m one of those Chinese New Year cats..

I’m the only black cat on the list. Allow me to show you my favorite black magic stuff.


43 thoughts on “Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Cats!

  1. Rovie Aguis

    Hahaha! Hindi ko ma-imagine kung ang Christmas Tree namin may buhay na pusa. Wish ko lang wala syang daga na makita. LOL

    Kakatuwa naman ang mga Christmas Tress na ito 🙂

  2. working mama

    funny picture out ko lang how messy the house is if tom and jerry are the decors in the xmas tree

  3. kulasa

    my favorite is the one saying "It's true, I saw mommy kissing Santa," hahahaha…whew, love love love this post…I love cats too! and I love your cool header! I-decor ko din kaya mga pusa namin sa Christmas tree hehehe, 😀

  4. betchai

    I enjoyed this post very much Donald, it gave me an idea to put life-like pictures of cats in the Christmas tree, not real cats as I wonder how would it be like, the Christmas tree would be down in no time and there will be Christmas riot 🙂

  5. mhie@travelentz

    all kittens are playful lalo na sa Chrsitmas tree..iwan ko ba kung bakit attracted sila dyan. yong cat namin ngayon sana man lang maka-abot kahit pasko…nalulungkot na kami kasi di na sya kumakain at matanda na kasi sya masyado.Were thinking to put him down so he will not suffer anymore.. sad.

  6. Teresa Martinez

    I'll probably go only as far as hanging cat Christmas pictures. I may have to redo the decors every minute if I use live cats. LOL

  7. lencilicious

    meow…bakit kaya gustung-gusto nila ang mga Christmas Trees? DI kaya sila nasasaktan sa spikes ng trees?
    Kulit ng caption na ito:
    "Cat 1: I said “Don’t move… We are hired to act as stuff toys”

    Cat 2: Sorry buddy, but I’m mesmerize by those bright blinking lights."

  8. lovemindanao

    those pictures are really cute , cats are just adorable species .. love to cuddle them , but my dog happy doesn't agree ..

  9. Sky Summer

    Ohh they're so cute, love it. I just remembered my Cat sleeps below the Christmas tree, and pretend to be a stufftoy. 🙂

  10. Franc Ramon

    It would look real cute to have the cats as part of the Christmas Tree. I just hope they don't shred the tree.

  11. special education philippines

    They have pretty obedient cats to pose in their Xmas trees. Our cat is like the queen of the house and we are just its humble servants.

  12. Jerome Ibuyan

    Personally, I prefer dogs than cats as pets. But these photos gave me the reason how adorable, cats are. =)

  13. Nova Hedges

    funny and yet so adorable pictures of the cats ever, makes me remind of my MIL's kitties when they decided to hide in the Christmas Tree

  14. MaryJane Tauyan

    they look so good! prng wla lang mgwa haha! though pde nrin decorations specially if you have tons of cats haha xx

  15. Jerwel De Perio

    we have also cats on our home and I'll be laughing hard when I got the chance to have a shot like the ones on the post. 😀

  16. Orly Ballesteros

    This is a furry tale that only you can concoct and think of. Boss next time baka pwede mga lizards naman:)

  17. jsncruz

    Wow, never thought of this. My Christmas tree in my condo is three feet tall – just adding one cat may topple the whole thing! 😛

  18. markpogi

    My cats back home would love the idea but I I don't think they would share the same tree thoug. 😀

  19. Deann

    Hahaha they love Christmas Trees! Kaso baka di siya kayanin ng Christmas Tree ko pag nasa tuktok siya! haha

  20. ralph

    hahaha… very good idea, we have a lot of pest mice in our place… we definitely need one, but i guess not in the tree… definitely, they're off limits there…hehehe. Yahweh bless.

  21. ralph

    very cute, great idea cats as Christmas decors, just don't put Christmas balls as those are their favorite toys. Yahweh bless.

  22. Breathe. Babble

    We can't have a cat in our christmas tree, I just remember my Mom got really mad at their pet cat who loves going in the ceiling and reaching and playing the garlands 🙂

  23. tess

    Funny idea,I never seen this before. All we were thinking are snowman, raindeer for Christams tree decor but not cats or dogs. Cute.

  24. Jan-Jan (Jan Christian )

    nakakatuwa yun black cat sa huli hahaha, pero kung pusa naman ang ididisplay dyan christmas tree for sure mawawasak lang pasaway kasi yun pusang yon eh hahaha pero love parin namin

  25. Mary Anne Velasco

    Hahhaha. Super cute photos! I am a cat lover which is why we have two indoor cats at the moment 🙂

    My boyfriend and I no longer have Christmas trees for the holidays since our cats can't help themselves from destroying it. Once we came home, the Christmas tree fell on the floor. Quite a disaster. 🙂

  26. Lady Patchy

    I have sen these cats photo in Christmas trees, never thought they were decorations only. Lol. But these are cute Christmas decors. i might get some for next yea, or probably some animals.

  27. Poems Love Stories

    Cats will surely amaze your Christmas visitors when you decorate it on your Christmas Tree. It will also be a guard at night

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