Cats and Dogs Day Out

10 cute pictures of dogs and cats that will freshen your morning.

Another compilation of cute pictures of cats and dogs, doing what they know best… Make us happy!

Golden Puppy: I can’t believe what I’m seeing? My Dad is in bed with another woman!

Kitten 1: Hi..hi..hi.., aren’t they a sweet couple?

Kitten 2: I hate them!

Duck: Thank God, I’m a rubber toy.

Dog: I’m done, my kid knows my secret.

Cat: Just go to sleep, Sweet Baby James…

Cat: Ha, ha, ha,… hope Big Mamma Cat won’t fart.

Golden Dog: Don’t you worry, Old Black Dog is not the sniff-type breed.

Dog: Stop fooling around, buddy.

Cat:Okay, all I need a soft cushion to lay my tired body.

Golden Dog: Good morning, Sunshine… Look, my wisdom tooth had popped up.

Cat: Gee, wisdom tooth? … What are you, human?

Mother Cat: Yak! this isn’t our baby?

Father Cat: Relax… she’s just inspecting some odd wisdom tooth.

Cat: Gosh… the sun is high-up and yet those two lazy babies below are cold dead.

Dog: My…Oh…my… our masters will surely get hot under the collar.

Cat and Dog: No cause of alarm, brothers. We’re just out from our graveyard shift.

Dog: Why are we confined to this cell?

Cat: It ain’t no cell…we’re on a cardboard box.

Cat: Those guys are up to something.

Dog: Stay put partner. If ever they move a little closer, we will tear their bodies apart.

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