The Lovely and Witty Pocket Kittens

A 2-in-1 article – 12 lovely photos of kitten in a pocket, plus 12 brain-busting questions.

They can mesmerize you by their looks, but watch out… they can even startle you with their wits. And if you say, “No, they wouldn’t”, then read on and try answering these kittens questions.

Could you help me answer my Master’s question that goes like this… When was the clothing company Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO) founded? How can I answer that thing, when I was only born a couple of months ago.

Kitten 1: Who composed and performed this classic 1970’s hit song?

“It’s not time to make a change,
Just relax, take it easy.
You’re still young, that’s your fault,
There’s so much you have to know.”

Kitten 2: Easy one. the answer… Elvis Presley! Am I correct?

My pretty owner calls me Orange.. It is derived from what Sanskrit word?

Kitten 1: See that microwave oven.. Do you know who invented it?
Kitten 2: I have know idea.. Let me guess… Alexander Graham Bell

My master tells me that I am suffering from Ablutophobia, Do you know what it is?

This is my punishment for not knowing the answer to this question.. What are the 7 colors of the rainbow?

Perhaps in my dreams, I can figure out the answer to this question…“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, is written by whom?

I’m named after a popular cartoon character created on November 9, 1919 during the silent film era. Do you know my name?

I guess, this is the hardest question in the list… What state is the White House in?

Been thinking all day, What is the real name of Rhianna?

Just wondering, How do I say “Good Evening” in French?

I am Cinderella, I do have two stepsisters but I forgot their names. Do you know my stepsisters names?

Answer to the questions:

1. 1853
2.Cat Stevens
3. Narangah
4. Percy Spencer
5. Fear of washing or bathing
6. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
7. Washington Irving
8. Felix the Cat
9. You Can’t find The White House in any state. It is a piece of land in the District of Columbia, donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia to be the seat of the national government.
10. Robin Hannah Louise Kenn
11. Bonsoir
12. Annastasia and Drucella

27 thoughts on “The Lovely and Witty Pocket Kittens

  1. betchai

    oh wow, those kittens are super cute and adorable, i don't know if i will put them in my pocket, most probably, i would always play with them where I could see their cute face 🙂

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    Oh my Lord! those are the darnest and the cutest kittens I ever see 🙂 They are all adorable and I want to carry one too 🙂

  3. Jonas Labagala

    I only know the number 6 and number 11! The questions are hard! But got to love the kittens! 😀

  4. Janine Daquio

    and we have kittens right now!! mag one month na and theyre so kulit. hinahabol paa ko habang naglalakad ako. hahaha

  5. Chasing Jayce

    The kittens are so cute! And the questions and answers so informative. Now I know the stepsisters' names! haha!

  6. Rochkirstin Santos

    Whoa they are so tiny that they fit in a pocket. So cute as well! 🙂

  7. MaryJane Tauyan

    such a cute cat! we had a cat before but after giving birth inside my room i woke up one day and they are all gone must have move to other houses

  8. Sky Summer

    I wish to own one, my love for Feline relive after looking on these set of photos. Such a cutie Kittens,

  9. Karen @ MrsLookingGood

    Those kittens are so cute and adorable. You can just stuff them into your pocket and keep them their as toys!

  10. Cococute Manaloto

    You know I'm a biiig cat person! These are just too adorable! Lol I only got a few questions right. 🙂

  11. Yamito Uytingco Calamba

    That was a lot of Amazing Cute Kitties. I got 8 cats in the house so I love cats.

  12. Chubskulit Rose

    Oh my! They're so tiny, cute and adorable. I always check instagram photos using hashtag #catsofinstagram

  13. Shengkay Apuhin

    Those kittens in orange shade reminds me of my cat "Mingkay" that died of car accident. I could not still accept the fact that he died of accident. His my little precious one and I trully missed him.

  14. Shengkay Apuhin

    awwsss…pusa ka ba? hehehe…soooo cute..parang mga daga lang ah. when i had a chance to have a pet i want cat or fish.

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    pusa ka ba? hehehe..para lang kasing daga anmg laki nila. so cute. if i had a chnce to have a pet i want cat or fish.

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