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15 Life Lessons Dogs Can Teach Us

Discover the 15 Life Lessons Dogs Can Teach Us! Dogs are truly man’s best friend!Aside from being a loyal and joyful companion, watching them do their everyday life can teach us some life lessons worth embracing. Read on to discover these life lessons that dogs can teach us! Show Love, Love and Lots of Love! […]

The Lovely and Witty Pocket Kittens

A 2-in-1 article – 12 lovely photos of kitten in a pocket, plus 12 brain-busting questions. They can mesmerize you by their looks, but watch out… they can even startle you with their wits. And if you say, “No, they wouldn’t”, then read on and try answering these kittens questions. Could you help me answer […]

12 Smart and Adorable Puppies!

Another 2-in-1 article featuring 12 photos of puppies and an interesting dog trivia. Puppy 1: Enough of this crazy stuff.. we don’t belong to the only breed of dog that “blushes”. Mom said, this breed of dog blushes when they are happy or exited and their eyes, nose and ears turn pink. Puppy 2: Really? […]

Cute Kittens in a Shoe

12 cute pictures of kittens in a shoe. Awww! What do these cute kittens doing in a shoe. Sniffing, sleeping, exploring – whatever their reasons are, they’re just simply adorable! Scottie: How did you managed to move yours a couple of inches? Cotton: Just grasp the lace with your left paw, move your face forward […]

The Gorgeous Golden Retriever – The Right Dog for You

Some interesting facts about the dog breed – Golden Retriever. photo link The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland in 1800s. Lord Tweedmouth developed the first litter by crossing a male yellow-colored Retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel dog. It was first called the Golden Flat-Coat but later on giving the name Golden Retriever. […]

The Lovable and Comical Boxer

A great dog breed that will keep you laughing and smiling! You will definitely love to own this lovable and comical boxer. photo link The Boxer was developed in Germany in the late 19th century. The breed is a cross between a Mastiff (the now extinct Bullenbeisser), and bulldog brought in from Great Britain. One […]

12 Interesting Things About Dogs and Cats

You think you have enough knowledge about dogs and cats, then this post will prove you wrong. Most of us love dogs and cats and to show our affection, we are taking them as companion or pets. But did you know that these animals possess remarkable traits and behavior that we ought to know. You […]

The Bold and Fearless Japanese Dog Breeds

They may not be the typical beautiful and affectionate house pets, but these Japanese dog breeds pack intelligence, agility, courage and hunting skills. Read on to learn more about them. Hokkaido Inu photo link The Hokkaido (Hokkaidō-inu or Hokkaidō-ken?) is a medium-sized dog breed native to Hokkaido, Japan. Considered by many to be the oldest […]

Dogs for Lazy People

Five different breeds of dogs and their idle owners. If you are planning to buy a dog to add the companionship of a pet, think twice, owning a dog requires a great amount of work. If you are honest with yourself and realizes that you are on the lazy side, all you have to do […]

Five Unusual But Impressive Chinese Dog Breeds

Unusual dog breeds can be classified as those breeds that demonstrate certain features or traits not seen in other dog breeds. These unusual breeds are found in all corners of the globe. In this article we feature those unusual but impressive dog breeds which originated in China. Read on to know them. Chow Chow The […]